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International Women’s Day Roundup: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Digital Transformation

While everybody celebrates International Women’s day praising the courage, compassion and strength of the women, I wanted to make it very special at SaaS Mantra.

Recognizing the contributions of the women workforce and women entrepreneurs (which are highly phenomenal for the growth of the SaaS Mantra), I get them motivating talks and actionable insights from the thought leaders & successful entrepreneurs across the globe.

SaaS Mantra always strives to help women entrepreneurs switch their business online, to automate their work routine, and to save their time & money supporting through the digital transformation.

That way, I create a platform through this round-up article where all the successful women can pour in showers of ideas and stuff.

In this era of unprecedented happenings, mindset and moral support are the most important values that every women entrepreneur should have, in my view.

These are some successful women who wished to share their thoughts at SaaS Mantra:

“One of the challenges that women are facing today in 2021 is maybe some men will consider you as less technical or less experienced with the technical domain or less capable of managing a group of male employees.”

“So did you think that basically allows just to get the opportunity and prove them wrong?”

“Learn everything, be an expert with what you do, be sure of what you are aiming for, to solve some technical issues so that can be the right solution. Always read and overcome this challenge by just be just show them what you’ve got”.

“And I must say, it’s not as it used to be in the past. It’s a lot more gentle. It’s a lot more, at least in my personal experience. But it’s my advice for men and males as well”.

“Just keep learning, keep giving great advice and also be an expert in what you do, so we can do it”.

Liraz Postan, International SEO, SEO/Content Global Speaker

“Trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to move on”.

Stephanie Sauro, Co-Founder OULALA BOX

“Entrepreneurship is not about starting up your own company, it’s a mindset we all should have to deliver sensible products, even when we’re an employee.”

Padmini Janaki, CEO & Co-Founder at Mind and Mom

“My motto in my life; “You only fail if you stop trying…” For younger women; “ Find yourself a mentor who will champion you and open doors of opportunities for you to shine and take risks”

“ Finally and most importantly if someone offers you a job you don’t know how to do:- just take it and learn how to do it! Don’t walk away from opportunities that push you beyond your comfort zone!”

Siddhi Trivedi, Founder at Beyond Identity

“Never stop reading” It’s my advice to anyone; whether it’s reading about new technologies, how problems have been solved previously, or just something that gives you a mental break from daily stresses – never stop reading”.

Holly Grace Williams, Founder at Akimbo Core

“The world has no limit as long as you don’t limit yourself. Cheers, Mengying”

Mengying Dai, Co-Founder of DaivenHill Partners

“Every woman I know holds herself to extremely high standards so I would probably say ‘you’re doing better than you think, keep charging!’ … and there is a big community of other women (and men) who can help.”

Jingyi Li Blank, Investigator | Asset Finder

“I think women really need to advocate for each other no matter what industry we’re in. The double standard is so ingrained in us that I’ve seen women be just as hard on other women as men are. If we want the double standard to stop we need to take the first steps with our own gender by recognizing talent on its merits.

“And we need to recognize women’s talents the same way we recognize men’s talents on a truly level playing field. I always do what I can to work closely with the women on my team to help them and give them guidance as well as help them find ways to make sure they get recognition for their work. Actually, not just in my team but also others in my company who I see might need it. “

“It surprises me that to this day there are women who use a double standard on their own. I don’t see men doing this to each other. They have each other’s backs and I think we need to adopt the same attitude”.

Melissa Gecolea, Anchor /Host, Supervising Producer Money Matters,

“I think imposter syndrome is a huge challenge. Get out of your head and embrace your inner confidence!”

Jenny Benson, Director Walking Tours in Scotland

“Hi there, Elizabeth Irvine here, VP of marketing for Market Muse, there was one challenge that plagued me for a long time and was always on my annual reviews. I didn’t speak up enough in meetings. I wasn’t fast enough to unmute my phone on conference calls or speak up in the room. And then the moment passed and I didn’t feel it was worth saying anything. Or sometimes I would simply forget what I wanted to say because of a lack of confidence or wasn’t really sure of my opinion.
And so I just didn’t risk it”.

“But video calls have been a game-changer and have turned into somewhat of a superpower, especially for the quiet introvert, you can indicate that you have something to say simply by unmuting, even if someone is in the middle of something or wrapping up by unmuting, it tells the room that you’re next, everyone is facing the computer and see that motion so many times someone has said, Elizabeth, I saw you unmute”.

“What do you want to add? It’s harder to be overlooked with that Brady Bunch grid. You can always write your thoughts down ahead of time or in the middle of a meeting, so you don’t forget and nobody will know that you’re reading something prepared and doing it right now, it has completely changed my approach to meetings. You have something to say. Use those signals and get your voice heard. Thanks”.

Elizabeth Irvine, VP of Marketing at Market Muse.

“briefly I would say that the structural inequalities that exist outside of business are heightened within the industry but there are always choices. Select the people carefully in your team, have an abundance of patience (stoic feminism) and listen to your intuition when something doesn’t feel right.”

Jillian Kowalchuk, Founder and CEO at Safe & The City

“Confidence is the key; believe in yourself, that you are at the right place and that you can make it happen. This is how people around perceive you, and it all comes from within you. Take on new opportunities even if it is scary initially – this is how you grow, even if you feel you are not fully qualified.”

“If you are a manager – hire people better than you and do not perceive them as competitors; a great team makes the best outcome. If you are an employee – learn from the best people around you.”

“Be professional, be proactive – give back to the ecosystem, help young professionals – these are your allies for the future.”

“The opportunities come to people who speak up and communicate clearly what they are working on – make sure when you speak to new people they understand what you are up to. Always ask how you can help, and make sure you deliver on your promises.”

Yana Abramova, Early-stage VC at Pretiosum Ventures

“You have to be revealing your voice and sharing your voice in the world if you really want to accelerate your evolution in your industry. And this has unfolded for me with podcasting, speaking engagements for you, it can be social media or partnerships.”

“But just never underestimate how quickly things can change and propel forward when you are visible, when people know who you are, when people get to watch your story and see how you’re showing up and the tenacity that you bring and the ambition and the passion when they have an opportunity to see that in you and see that from you, it gets them energized. It gets them wanting to be all hands on deck. And you find support coming from all directions.”

Stefanie Diaz, Partner at Zane Venture Fund


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