How Experts scale their Business Online post COVID-19 ?

Online businesses can take advantage of COVID-19 to scale their business, but it’s crucial to be creative and strategic about it.

So we have asked a few experts how they are scaling their business online during COVID-19.

And we got some interesting responses from them. And what a diverse group of experts they are: entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, marketers, speakers, consultants, and so on.

Let’s Begin. 

1. Neal Shaeffer – “Go ALL IN on DIGITAL”

During COVID-19, the best way to scale your business is to go ALL IN on digital. From finding ways of providing digital products and services to your customers (and new ones) while leveraging the digital marketing trifecta of Search, Email, and Social, those businesses that already knew that the digital transformation from a consumer perspective happened a decade ago were already way ahead of the competition and fared well over the last 1 1/2 years.

Neal Schaffer | ニール・シェーファー|夏廉 (@NealSchaffer) | Twitter

Neal Schaffer: A Fractional CMO, Consultant & Speaker on digital / social media strategy, content marketing, influencer marketing & LinkedIn. Follow Neal on Twitter & LinkedIn

2. Dennis Yu – “Record Everything”

Record everything— Zoom calls for client meetings and Loom recordings while you’re working on projects.

Because then you have a video that you can run through your “Content Factory” to automagically turn into social media snippets, blog posts, books, and ads.

As an expert, you may already have some speaking, thought leadership, or even a book out.  But with everyone else now being an “expert”, too, we have to stand out by having massive authority.  That comes from proven execution, examples with clients, and knowledge tips.

Of course, you do have to ask for permission from clients and staff.  We call this “lightweight consent” (I’m not a lawyer), where we ask them if we can quote them on their positive mention or if we can share snippets on social media.  They almost always say yes. And they appreciate it as free PR if you position it correctly— meaning you’re making them look good, as if you’re interviewing them.

If you really want to scale up, have an army of virtual assistants like we do to process this video through tools like Descript, Jarvis,, and so forth to transcribe and repurpose.  Take it up a notch by boosting these posts to a dollar a day.  It’s now $10 a day on LinkedIn as the minimum to boost organic posts, but it’s the same concept.

Hope you’re able to grow your perceived expertise via your software and services with these techniques!

Dennis Yu On Facebook Marketing, Marathons & Math: An Interview - Tweak  Your Biz

Dennis Yu is the CEO of BlitzMetrics, a digital marketing company which partners with schools to train young adults. Follow Dennis on Twitter & LinkedIn

3. Jonathan Aufray – “Make the most of Digital Transformation”

To scale your business during COVID-19, you need to be creative and make the most of digital transformation. How? By using tools that allow you to work online, remotely. What you want to do is improve your business processes and communication by using the right software. For instance, you want to use:

– Communication tools like Slack, Zoom, etc.

– Project management tools like Monday, Trello, Clickup, Asana…

– Automation tools like Zapier or PhantomBuster

In addition to this, you want to increase your online visibility by:

– Leveraging social media platforms to share insightful content that resonates with your audience

– Having a modern, well designed and high converting website and/or app

– Having a content strategy and using the power of search engines by creating SEO-optimized content

– Staying in touch with your prospects, leads and customers through emails, surveys and chatbots

– Creating SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to train your team members on your processes.

Jonathan Aufray is the CEO at Growth Hackers. They help startups and SMBs grow by implementing growth hacking and inbound marketing strategies.  Follow Jonathan on Twitter & LinkedIn

4. Jitendra Vaswani – “Create more niche – based websites”

Covid19 completely changed my life, I must say. I wasn’t able to travel anymore, I was locked inside my room. When the lockdown was first announced, I wasn’t even home — I was in Thailand. Some time in March, I came from an event where I was speaking — it was the European Summit, in Portugal. That was the last conference I attended live before the pandemic hit, and actually it was a great conference, Portugal was beautiful that time of the year. 

And so I was in Thailand when people started talking that this COVID thing was pretty much real. But it was alright, and there were very few cases registered there. And so I had the opportunity to revise my business and close some of the roles that needed closing.

Covid 19 actually grew my business because I am selling those items which people are buying & I am busy in creating more niche websites. 

In covid 19 the health industry is a cash making machine  & everybody is buying immunity boosters & healthy related products online. I have one of my niche websites which is selling these health products and I am making 4 figures every month from that website. 

I am also making product based  niche websites in 2021 & we are trying our best  to rank on the first page of Google. I have a team of 20+ people who are working for virtually.

So covid has 10X my business and I got 3 new business partners in 2020 pandemic and trust me the partnerships are going well because we all work together to make empire of affiliate niche web

Keyword Blacklisting: Why Publishers Are Losing Ad Revenue To It

Jitendra Vaswani is a founder of BloggerIdeas digital Marketing Practitioner & International Keynote Speaker, currently living a digital nomad lifestyle. Follow Jitendra on Twitter & LinkedIn

5. Warren Whitlock – “Pandemic is a wake-up call”

If you haven’t been set up to run your business from anywhere, anytime, the pandemic is a wake-up call. 

Business, and life, will never be the same. 

I shut down my last office in 2005, hold meetings by Zoom and run by businesses with a smartphone when I travel, or just don’t like commuting 20 feet to my home office. ? At first, I found myself on the phone or traveling to a client’s office…the habit of face-to-face meetings was hard to break. 

But now, I’m so thankful that I was ready when the quarantine and lockdowns hit. 

This is how business will be done in the future. Automate what you can, delegate and be ready to never go back to the office unless you want to. 

I know in-person meetings are the best. I’m going to continue traveling and spending time building relationships though most of the time, I’m a “digital nomad” who stays home.

Warren Whitlock is the No. 1 best-selling author, speaker, publisher, blogger, and social media marketing strategist. Follow Warren on Twitter & LinkedIn

6. Steve Chou – “Tik tok is not just for teens anymore “

The best way experts can scale their business right now is with Tiktok! Within 5 months, I was able to grow my channel to 50K subs and many of these folks have become paying customers.

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, TikTok is not saturated yet and it’s not just for teens anymore. Today the majority of users are over the age of 29.

Steve Chou is a highly recognized influencer and speaker in the ecommerce space and has taught thousands of students how to profitably sell physical products online and access the course here. Follow Steve on Twitter & LinkedIn

7. Nathan Chan – “Existing Customers >> New Customer”

Speak to your existing customers to find out how to further serve them. It’s much more expensive to acquire a new customer vs serving an existing one.


Publisher & CEO of Entrepreneur & Dreamer. On a mission to build one of the largest entrepreneurial brands online that supports and fuels founders. . Follow Nathan on Twitter & LinkedIn

8. Larry Kim – “Use Marketing Automation Tools”

Businesses should use marketing automation tools to improve their online marketing strategies and ultimately increase organization productivity. 

For example, brands who are on Facebook and Instagram can use social media automation tools like MobileMonkey that allows users to create chatbots that reply to DMs automatically, reply to story mentions instantly, and respond to specific keywords with automated marketing funnels that you design. 

This doesn’t only create more follower engagement, but it also converts followers into customers — which helps brands scale their social media strategy, especially during the pandemic, where they can cut cost where necessary. 

Larry Kim's Articles |

CEO of MobileMonkey. Founder of WordStream. Top columnist @Inc ❤️ AdWords, Facebook Advertising, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Start-ups & Venture Capital ?. Follow Larry Kim on Twitter & LinkedIn

9. Nick Chandi – “business owners went digital during the pandemic”

The most successful business owners went digital during the pandemic. By moving online, it became easier for businesses to build powerful, versatile business infrastructure, allowing them to grow much faster should the opportunity arise.

For instance, using desktop-based accounting software used to be the norm, but now many business owners are using programs like QuickBooks Online instead. With cloud-based accounting software, you can hire an accountant to work from home or make changes on the fly. Many online-only tools offer 3rd party plugins or tools that can expand the original purpose of the software. Popular tools available include cash flow forecasting, which used to be out of reach for most small business owners but can be created in seconds for free using advanced AI algorithms.

If a business owner is still stuck using file folders and not yet in the cloud, that’s going to be their most significant hurdle to growing their business in a post-pandemic world.

Profile photo of Nick Chandi

Nick Chandi is the CEO of ForwardAI, a company making it easier for financial institutions and fintechs to access and assess SMB accounting and business data. You can follow him on Twitter & LinkedIn to learn more about predictive cash flow data.

10. Nikola Roza – “Google loves you for many pages”

The first thing you need to know is that it is possible to scale your online business during COVID 19, but you will have to change your strategy a bit.

During COVID 19 pandemic, and during all uncertain times in fact it pays to invest in things that are likely to work out.

And since my speciality is SEO, I’ll talk about how to get a near certain increase in Google traffic.

Namely, Google for whatever reason, really loves some websites for topic X, and they don’t like it for topic Y. 

Then, if a webmaster tries to use excellent SEO to “force” Google to rank them, it’s actually an uphill battle and an arduous process that might not even work out.

But, for keywords where Google loves you, it’s almost as if you barely have to do any SEO to rank; you publish, 2 weeks have passed and voila, you’re already on the second page.

Here’s a good example of what I mean.

This post on my site is only 6 months old. It’s a stale page that hasn’t been touched since it got published, it has no internal links pointing to it and is it’s on-page SEO is not all it could be

And look how many total impressions it already got.

And look at that large spike by the end of May (after only 3 weeks). 

That was a key sign for me that Google really loves my site for Grammarly keywords.

So, it’s my hot page. 

What I need to do now is make the most of it and rank.

Here’s my battle plan:

  • Update that post by taking the winning elements of the first 3 results.
  • Build internal links;
  • Create supporting content;
  • Build backlinks 
  • Optimize and refresh regularly until it ranks

The point is that when you go after a keyword Google loves you for, you can rank really quickly.

As I already mentioned, my Grammarly student discount page is stale, it hasn’ been updated since I created it and it’s now on the second page for all of my most import target queries.

You can only imagine what will happen once I pour some wholesome SEO into it.

And in case you’re wondering…I’m waiting for Black Friday to pass before I make my move. As a businessman I’ve decided it’s worthwhile to focus 100% of my efforts to rank my BF pages.

Corona or no Corona, people will want to shop.

So, to summarize the steps:

  1. Use GSC to find topics where Google likes you
  2. Find the  corresponding page and jot down the average keyword placement
  3. Update the post and make it 10X better
  4. Build internal links to it
  5. Crate 3-5 supporting articles (use PAA boxes to source questions to answer in blog post format)
  6. Build links to the page
  7. Update on ongoing basis
  8. Make money

My final advice is that if you notice that Google loves you for many pages, focus on those that can make you money the fastest.

But I bet you already knew that:)

Nikola Roza- SEO and affiliate marketer

Nikola Roza, a Freelance SEO writer who is slowly transitioning into affiliate marketing andnear passive income it brings.. Follow Nikola on Linkedin & Twitter

I really hope that this will help your business to scale online this fall. We here at SaaS Mantra always look forward to quality SaaS products with high discounts.

We do have awesome deals lined up for this Black Friday. Sign up with SaaS Mantra lifetime software deals for further updates.

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