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How to Make SaaS Product Affiliates with Lifetime Deal Users?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most reliable and highest ROI marketing channels for businesses. 

But the trick is to identify quality affiliates that are ideal for your business. 

Your affiliates should not only be sellers for you but also be an associate of your product and brand advocates.

Lifetime deal customers can be an ideal target audience for businesses looking to build their affiliate network. Lifetime deal users are typically people who have already purchased your product and are familiar with the product, making them more likely to promote it to others.

So how can you leverage your Lifetime Deal users for affiliate marketing? 

In this blog, we’ll discover ways to choose the right affiliates and implement affiliate marketing with your Lifetime Deal customers. 

The Ideal Users to Become SaaS Product Affiliates

A great way to find potential affiliates is by reaching out directly to your existing lifetime deal customers.

They are ideal candidates for your affiliate network. 

You can offer them incentives and rewards for becoming affiliates and promoting your product. Once they become affiliates, be sure to provide them with all the tools and information they need to be successful.

However, there is a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. 

Directly approaching your Lifetime Deal customers with the opportunity to become your affiliate once you close your Lifetime Deal campaign is the wrong way. 

Don’t Rush Your Lifetime Deal Customers for the Product Affiliate Program

Never do it.

It’s important to be strategic and patient in introducing Lifetime Deal customers to an affiliate program.

Asking Lifetime Deal customers to sign up for an affiliate program too quickly can be risky. These customers have just paid for your product, and they need time to fully understand how they can benefit from it. They need to drive real value from your product before they can consider promoting it to their networks.

Rushing them into an affiliate program could give the impression that you are more interested in profiting off of them than helping them succeed.

Customer Success Over Product Affiliate Programs

Prioritize customer success far ahead of initiating any affiliate program. 

It’s essential to allow customers to become familiar with your product and its benefits before introducing an affiliate program.

Your Lifetime Deal users need to see how your product can help them achieve their goals and make their business profitable. Once they have integrated your product into their daily workflow, they’ll be better positioned to market it to others.

So focus on that goal before anything else. 

Introducing an affiliate program to Lifetime Deal customers should be a gradual process. It’s important to talk to the customers who have been using the product consistently and have been providing feedback and engaging with the company.

These customers are more likely to become brand advocates and can be valuable partners in promoting the product. 

Offer Help and Support to Your Lifetime Deal Users

Providing quality support and assistance is crucial to induce customer advocacy.

Customers who feel valued and supported are more likely to become brand advocates and recommend your product to others.

1. Strategies for Helping Customers to Succeed with the Product

    It’s important to ensure that your customers have access to the resources and tools they need to succeed with your product.

    This includes providing them with the proper knowledge base, documentation, tutorials, and customer support.

    Here are some strategies to consider. 

    • Provide in-depth product documentation: Create detailed documentation that provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the product. This can include video tutorials, screenshots, and FAQs.
    • Set up a knowledge base: Create a knowledge base that contains information about your product, including troubleshooting tips, best practices, and user guides. This will allow customers to find answers to their questions without having to contact support.
    • Offer live support: Provide live support through chat, email, or phone. This will allow customers to get answers to their questions quickly and easily.

    2. Importance of Becoming a Part of a Customer’s Workflow

    It’s essential that you understand how your customers are using your product and make it a part of their workflow.

    This will help you identify ways to improve your product and provide better support.

    Here are some strategies to consider.

    • Collect feedback: Encourage customers to provide feedback on how they’re using your product, what features they like, and what they would like to see improved.
    • Analyze usage data: Collect and analyze data on how customers are using your product. This will help you identify areas where customers are struggling and improve the product accordingly.
    • Provide customization options: Offer customization options that allow customers to tailor the product to their specific needs. This will make the product more valuable to them and increase customer loyalty.

    3. How to Build Customer Advocacy and Brand Loyalty

    Once you’ve established a relationship with your customers and increased engagement with them, capitalize on the traction that you have gained.

    Some of these strategies can help you further nurture customer loyalty.

    • Stay in touch: Keep in touch with customers through newsletters, social media, and other channels. This will keep them engaged and informed about product updates and other news.
    • Offer rewards and incentives: Offer rewards and incentives to customers who refer new customers or provide feedback on the product. This will incentivize them to become brand advocates and help spread the word about your product.
    • Create a community: Create a community of customers who can share tips, best practices, and success stories. This will help foster a sense of belonging and increase customer loyalty.

    Roll Out Product Affiliate Program Gradually to Your Lifetime Deal Users

    Don’t open the gates for anyone and everyone to sign up to become affiliates. 

    Creating a community with your customers, including users is a long-term strategy to build brand loyalty. But it also can be a reliable source for you to identify potential affiliates.  

    • Test the Waters First: It’s important to test it with a small number of customers first.

    This allows you to identify any potential issues or areas for improvement before building a large network of affiliates. It’s also a good way to get feedback from your most loyal customers and brand advocates.

    • The Need to Collect Feedback: Once you’ve tested your affiliate program with a small number of customers, gather feedback.

    Make improvements to your affiliate program to make it more affiliate friendly. This will help ensure that your affiliate program is as effective as possible and that your customers are happy with the program.

    • Approach to the Launch of Your Affiliate Program: You need to take a strategic approach. Identify your most loyal customers and brand advocates and reach out to them first.

    You can offer them incentives to join your programs, such as a higher commission rate or early access to new product features, etc.

    You can also provide them with the training and resources to help them be effective and make more money with their affiliation.

    Another important strategy is to offer a tiered commission structure. This means that affiliates who refer more customers or generate more sales will earn a higher commission rate. 


    LTD customers are an invaluable source of affiliates for your product’s growth.

    With consistent customer engagement, offering rewards and incentives, creating a community, and taking a strategic approach to the launch of your affiliate program, you can successfully turn LTD customers into loyal affiliates and brand advocates.

    With the right strategies in place, you’ll be able to build a successful and profitable affiliate program.

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