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Importance of Listening to Lifetime Customer Feedback After the Deal

So never ignore customer feedback and suggestions once a deal is over. Keep listening and keep improving.

You’ll be able to build a product that stands out from the competition.

Keep your customers coming back for more.

Customer feedback is essential for any SaaS startup wanting to build a successful product. It helps to understand your customers, identify their requirements, and innovate.

Not every user may be ready to give feedback to improve your product, your LTD customers may be the outliers. 

Here’s why you should never ignore feedback from your Lifetime Deal users; especially after closing your Lifetime Deal. 

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Lifetime Deal Customer Feedback?

You did listen to your customer’s feedback when the deal was running right?

You wanted all those feedback. And that is one of the reasons why you wanted to run a lifetime deal in the first place.

It is all obvious. You collected tons of feedback from your LTD customers, identified features to build, and added them to your product roadmap.

Your Lifetime Deal was successful and got you more insights. But what then?

Do you just move on?

Most SaaS founders who run a Lifetime Deal often fail to notice that even months after closing their campaign, the feedback from LTD customers is equally valuable.

As your product matures, your product development may take a steady pace after accelerated development after your lifetime deal.

Still, every new addition, development, and improvisation needs to be validated.   

Otherwise, you risk building a product that doesn’t meet their customers’ needs. And it may lead to a lack of interest, low adoption rates, and ultimately, decreased revenue.

The Importance of Listening to Lifetime Deal Customer Feedback

Your Lifetime Deal users are a gold mine of feedback, product, and use case insights. 

When you actively seek out and listen to your customer feedback, your product stays competitive.

However, your Lifetime Deal customers can make it easy for you.  

They are more likely to engage and give you feedback, unprompted.  You won’t have the need to validate new features and developments with a new set of users either. 

 You, as a product developer, only have to listen. 

Collect all the feedback that keeps coming from your Lifetime Deal customers. Note them down, prioritize them, and add them to your product roadmap. 

It allows your product to be more aligned with your customer’s needs and expectations. It results in increased customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and revenue.

Constantly improving and iterating based on customer feedback, also helps your product stay unique and relevant to your customers and target audience.

The Benefits of Listening to Lifetime Deal Customer Feedback

As a SaaS startup offering Lifetime Deals, it’s important to listen to the feedback of your lifetime deal customers.

These customers are often early adopters and passionate advocates for your product, and their feedback can be incredibly valuable.

Listening to your Lifetime Deal user feedback can benefit your product and business in general in several ways.  

Two of the most prominent ways it can help your product are by encouraging customer advocacy and making your product evolve as per the in-demand customer requirements. 

Moreover, Lifetime Deal user feedback also helps when you are pitching to enterprises.  

Understanding customer needs and preferences

Lifetime deal customers can provide valuable insight into what features and functionalities are important to them.

By listening to their feedback, you can gain a better understanding of their needs and preferences and use this information to improve your product.

Identifying areas of improvement

Lifetime deal customers are more likely to experience bugs or other issues with your product.

While a regular may communicate the challenges they’re facing when prompted, it is less likely to happen. And you run the risk of increasing your churn rate because of unmet user expectations.

Lifetime deal users, being early adopters, are likely to engage and give you as much feedback as they can to more value from their purchase. 

You can identify the areas of improvement quicker by listening to your Lifetime Deal user feedback. And by addressing these issues, you can improve the overall quality and reliability of your product.

Creating a Better Overall Experience for Customers

By incorporating customer feedback into your product, you can create a better overall experience for your customers. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and advocacy.

Lifetime deal customers can also provide valuable insights into how you can innovate and differentiate your product from the competition. By taking their feedback into account, you can create a unique offering that stands out in the market and attracts more customers.

Additionally, by listening to customer feedback, you can ensure that your product is constantly evolving and meeting customer needs as they change over time. 


Listening to customer feedback from Lifetime Deal customers is an essential part of product development.

By taking their feedback into account, you can improve the overall user experience, increase customer loyalty and advocacy, identify areas for improvement in your product, and differentiate your offering from competitors.

Listening to Lifetime Deal customer feedback is key to the success of your product and business.

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