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How to Leverage Lifetime Deal Users for Your SaaS Product Growth?

Lifetime deals have been around for several years, but they are still somewhat of a mystery to many SaaS Founders. 

It’s become a popular means of customer acquisition due to its low cost and the promise of perpetual customers. But beyond securing paying customers, how can you tap into the power of lifetime deal users to create rapid growth opportunities for your SaaS business?

This article will help you understand the different ways you can maximize your lifetime deal campaign benefits and use them as part of your product development cycle.

You will learn how to build relationships with long-term customers, set up systems that enable successful onboarding and user retention, and explore strategies for keeping your users engaged with upgrade cycles and other incentives. Read on to find out more about leveraging lifetime deal users!

Leveraging Lifetime Deal Users for Product-Led Growth

Leveraging lifetime deal users to fuel product-led growth is a great way to drive rapid development and growth for your SaaS start-up.

Your LTD customers are early adopters with valuable insights that you can use to develop your product in the right direction. They will enable the product-led growth of your SaaS product.

What is Product-Led Growth?

Product-led growth (PLG) is a strategy that focuses on using the product itself to drive customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. This growth strategy emphasizes user experience as the primary driver of growth, in contrast to the marketing/sales-led growth strategies. By creating an intuitive and engaging product experience, companies can attract more users and increase their lifetime value.

How Do LTD Users Enable Product-Led Growth of Your SaaS?  

Being early adopters, and discount buyers, your LTD customers can be a great source to power your product-led growth strategy.

They can validate your product, give you feedback, and give you potential use cases that are validated by nature, allowing you to further develop and grow your product. On identifying the opportunities, you can trigger the Product-led by leveraging your LTD users.  

Here are the different ways you can leverage your LTD users for your SaaS product growth and how to do it right. 

Discovering New Use Cases with LTD Users

One of the first and immediate benefits of an LTD campaign is user feedback. 

Once you launch your campaign, feedback starts pouring in. You can use the feedback from your LTD customers to identify areas of improvement and develop new features that will make your product more attractive to other users.

However, never start building a new feature into your product simply because a user has asked for it. 

If you see a lot of requests for a particular feature from your LTD users, the best approach is to understand their use cases. 

You can get on a call with your LTD customers, talk to them, and understand each of their use cases. Get a better understanding of how they are planning to use those features. Most of your LTD users will be ready to engage and help you understand their use cases.  

Do this for all of the feature requests. Turn each and every feature request into use cases before you actually start building. 

This will help you create a better user experience, which in turn will lead to higher customer retention rates and increased revenue.

Get your LTD Users in front of the Camera

LTD customers are not only loyal customers but potential brand advocates.

Request and start collecting testimonials from your LTD customers during or after your LTD campaign.

Getting video testimonials from your LTD users is a great way to showcase the value of your product and drive more organic growth. Being early adopters, most LTD users are often ready to give you a testimonial on request and on short notice. Especially if you have delivered the features they have been requesting. 

Once you build a feature and release an update, you can reach out to those users requesting them to try the new features. It is also the best time to request your customers for video testimonials and ask if they would be willing to record a short video about their experience with your product. 

If possible jump on a video call with them and ask them about the experience using your product which could be used as a video testimonial. 

Video testimonials are powerful tools for marketing, as they provide potential customers with real-life examples of how your product has helped others.

You can use video testimonials to highlight the features and benefits of your SaaS product, as well as the customer experience.

Community is Your Key

Finally, one of the best and the long-term growth leverage for your SaaS product from LTD users is the community you build with them.

LTD users are a great source to build an engaged community around your SaaS product.

LTD users have a higher affinity to become regular users of your product, engage with other users and discover more benefits of your product. 

Since your LTD users want to engage and talk about your product with other users, you can build a community around your product with your LTD users as the core members.    

Your LTD users need not talk about the lifetime deal within the community. If necessary, you can ask them not to and request them to drop an email or contact support.

It is because you can invite all your newly signed-up users and free trial users to your product community. So, when a non-subscribed user or a potential customer sees an engaged community, it can increase their affinity to use your product more and more. 

Eventually, you have a better chance of converting them with little to no friction. 

Make Lifetime Deal Users Your Affiliates

It is one of the lesser-known and underrated leverages SaaS founders can get from their LTD users. 

Most LTD users are loyal customers, and some of them are likely to become brand advocates if you can keep them engaged occasionally. 

With a little incentive, as affiliates, your LTD users will be more than happy to bring in more users to your product. 


Leveraging lifetime deal users to fuel product-led growth is a great way to drive rapid development and growth for your SaaS start-up.

LTD customers are early adopters with valuable insights that you can use to develop your product in the right direction. By discovering new use cases and getting video testimonials from LTD users, you can create an intuitive and engaging product experience. And with a solid engaging community, you can work your way to freewheel your SaaS. 


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