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5 Ways SaaS Lifetime Deal Campaign Benefits Your SaaS Startup

Do you know what’s harder than building a great SaaS Tool?

It is getting your SaaS Tool to the right people and making them see its potential.

A lifetime deal launch can be an excellent way to get new customers. It gives your SaaS product the initial outside exposure beyond your known circle.

As a SaaS founder, you must know how valuable a fresh perspective can be for your Start-Up. But that is not the only benefit of launching a SaaS Lifetime Deal for your SaaS product.

If you have an excellent SaaS Tool that can help someone and wonder whether you should launch a Lifetime Deal, the following may nudge you in the right direction.

Here are 5 incredible benefits a SaaS Lifetime Deal launch can bring to your SaaS product and your SaaS company.

5 Benefits of Launching a SaaS Lifetime Deal

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1. Surge of New Users

No SaaS Tool is a finished product. And only the SaaS Tools that continue to evolve take their place in the SaaS Marketplace.

But how can your SaaS Tool continue to evolve?

You need perspective, fresh perspective. And a SaaS product or a tool only gets as good as who uses it and how many people use it.

Launching a SaaS lifetime deal will give your SaaS product a surge of new users. You can also use this opportunity to introduce your SaaS tool to a wider audience. And along with the news users, you get access to new perspectives on your SaaS Development and your SaaS Start-Up.

Some of these insights can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to get in any other way.

You can analyze the user behavior, their usage, use cases, and other metrics from your website for your advantage.

However, the user quality may differ depending on the SaaS Marketplace you choose to launch your SaaS Tool.

2. Quick Fund Raising

A surge of new users to your SaaS Tool also means a surge of cash inflow.

One of the common misconceptions among SaaS Founders is that SaaS Lifetime Deals cuts down their business profit.

While the immediate outlook may look like it, it is not true.

A majority of the SaaS Start-Up companies are the brainchild of passionate developers and problem-solvers. They are often bootstrapped and can use quick lumpsum fund to develop their product and the company.

Launching a Lifetime SaaS Deal can get SaaS companies the necessary fund in short term to develop their product and fuel their business growth.

As a SaaS Founder, you may consider raising funds with Venture Capital firms. And as hard as it is, you may be able to find an investor that sees the scope of your SaaS Start-up and is willing to invest in it.

However, you should know that VC funds always come with strings attached. You may be losing the long-term game over a short-term need.

Launching a SaaS Lifetime Deal helps you raise the necessary fund to keep growing your SaaS Start-up without compromising on any of the values you hold.

3. Valuable SaaS User Feedback

The second most important benefit of bringing new users to your SaaS Tool is their feedback.

As the product developer, you can simulate and test different use cases for your SaaS product. It helps you improvise your product in broad terms.

But it is the little and less obvious nuances of your SaaS Tool that makes users stay with your product for the long term—particularly the SaaS subscribers.

But if you wait for the SaaS subscribers to tell you how you can improve your product, you may not always get it. Especially if your product is in the early stages and you figure there is a lot of room for development to compete against your competitors.

Launching a SaaS Lifetime Deal help you get valuable user feedbacks that are otherwise too costly to get.

And since LTD users pay for the product upfront, you tend to feedbacks to add more value and improve your SaaS Tool. It will help you in the long term to retain your SaaS subscribers.

However, as mentioned before, your choice of SaaS Marketplace matters. Community-based platforms, like SaaS Mantra, are some of the best SaaS Marketplaces to get valuable feedback for your SaaS Tool.

The users tend to give back to the community as much as they gain from the SaaS community.
Discussion of the advantages of community-based SaaS Marketplaces

4. Reach a Bigger Audience

Another major advantage of launching a SaaS Lifetime deal is reaching out to a bigger audience.

If you launch a SaaS Lifetime Offer, you will be able to reach more people than ever before.

This is because you will be offering a discounted price to your audience only for a limited time.

It helps you convert all the leads in your marketing and sales funnel in a short period. Even those who were hesitant about buying your product will try your SaaS Tool.

That being said, SaaS Marketplaces will have regular buyers and they have their own audience and marketing and sales funnel to make conversions.

It helps you reach a wider audience, who may not be your ideal user, yet it opens up the use case potential for your SaaS Tools.

Users from such bigger audiences tend to try and discover different use cases for your product. It brings us to the next important benefit of your SaaS Tools, from a developer perspective.

5. Better Product Development

A SaaS Lifetime Deal launch gives you the opportunity to develop your product better.

It allows you to discover and create features that would otherwise take months or years to build.

By reaching a wider audience with the help of a SaaS Marketplace and the feedback from the SaaS Community you allow for better product development. It helps focus on developing features that matter to your business and customers.

This way, you can spend more time building features that add value to your SaaS product rather than spending hours trying to figure out what works.


Consider launching a Lifetime Deal campaign when you feel your product can make a difference to your audience.

The benefits of launching a Lifetime Deal helps you realize the potential of your SaaS product.

A community-based SaaS Marketplace can deliver all the benefits of a SaaS Lifetime Deal campaign to your SaaS and fuel its development.

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