What Makes SaaS Lifetime Deals Great for Your Business?

SaaS Tools are a lifesaver for entrepreneurs, Start-up companies, and SMEs.

They can automate, save time, and help scale your business, among other incredible benefits.

Despite countless benefits, SaaS Tools can limit your business growth in several ways.

One way is that SaaS subscriptions affect your business growth by eating into your profit margin. A regular cash outflow for SaaS subscriptions and plan upgrades could nullify its benefits.

Well-funded businesses and some medium businesses may manage to operate. However, Small and Medium Enterprises could succumb to the low ROI.

Lifetime SaaS Deals changed the way SMEs bought and used SaaS Tools.

Entrepreneurs and businesses regularly update their tech stack with SaaS Lifetime Deals.

Before finding answers to why businesses are stacking up on SaaS Lifetime Deals, know what a Lifetime Deal is and how they work.

What are Lifetime SaaS Deals?

Lifetime SaaS Deals are discount deals on business SaaS Tools. Buying a Lifetime SaaS Deal license gives you lifetime access to the SaaS Tool at no extra cost.

While subscribing to a SaaS Tool in the standard way gives you access only for the subscription period.

By buying a Lifetime SaaS Deal, you pay for the SaaS Tool once. The SaaS Lifetime Deal price may vary based on the software. However, a Lifetime Deal price is usually the same or less than the Tool’s subscription price for a year.

But SaaS Lifetime Deals are only available for a limited period. You may not always find a Lifetime Deal on SaaS Tool.

Keeping an eye on SaaS Marketplaces like SaaS Mantra can help you grab the Lifetime Deal as soon as it appears.

How Does Lifetime SaaS Deals Work?

SaaS Lifetime Deals are an excellent synergy between SaaS Companies and Businesses that look to increase ROI and minimize business expenditures.

Bootstrapped SaaS companies, companies looking for sales boost or trying to attract more software users, offer lifetime licenses as a Lifetime SaaS Deal.

Selling Lifetime Deals on a SaaS Marketplace helps these SaaS companies get more exposure to their product. Some companies also use Lifetime Deals to raise funds for product development.

On the other hand, beginner entrepreneurs, Start-up companies, and businesses operating on a tight budget buy these Lifetime Deals. It helps them save money.

However, Lifetime Deal licenses will have some limitations similar to the different pricing plans of any SaaS Tool.

Should it matter to a business like yours?

Here’s why businesses are stacking up on SaaS Lifetime Deals.

Top 5 Advantages of SaaS Lifetime Deals

1. Low-Cost SaaS Tools

A SaaS Lifetime Deal lets you purchase a SaaS Tool at a lower cost.

It saves you from paying for the SaaS Subscription every month.

It is helpful, particularly for bootstrapped SaaS startups who want to keep their costs low.

For example, a project management SaaS Tool like JIRA by Atlassian costs $7.5 per month per user under a standard pricing plan.

If you are a business of 50 members, JIRA standard plan will cost you $375 per month. It is $4500 per year. And you will continue to pay it every year.

On the other hand, NativeTasks is a similar Jira alternative project management tool.

NativeTasks Lifetime Deal is available on SaaSMantra for $39 for unlimited users and unlimited projects.

In comparison, it is a $39 one-time payment against a minimum of $4500 a year.

You can even opt for a free trial before purchasing the SaaS Tool.

2. Increases Return on Investment

The SaaS Tool you choose should be able to provide value to your business.

Subscription-based SaaS Tools can take years to break even the sum of the monthly subscription price.

Expecting a high ROI from subscription SaaS Tools is a cat and mouse game for businesses.

On the other hand, buying a SaaS Lifetime Deal can save thousands of dollars, as seen above.

In comparison to SaaS subscriptions, Lifetime SaaS Deals give your business an incredible ROI from the beginning.

3. Room for Sustainable Growth

A SaaS Tool Lifetime Deal gives you the flexibility to grow your business.

SaaS Tools on Lifetime Deals will usually have some limitations compared to their Pro versions.

Even though they have limitations, they can still deliver the required output. It helps you carry on your regular business operations and grow without additional capital.

It gives your business good enough room and opportunity to attain sustainable growth.

Your business can afford and sustain the revenue and growth when it requires a more comfortable SaaS Tool pricing plan.

4. Lifetime License Stacking

Lifetime deals may have some limitations too.

Not every SaaS Lifetime Deals give unlimited access to its resources like the Pro version of the same SaaS Tool. It may limit the number of users, automatic backups, etc.

However, many Lifetime SaaS deals allow you to stack up multiple licenses. Stacking makes it possible to add more users when you need them.

For example, if an image editing SaaS Tool LTD allows only 10 users per license, you can buy another LTD license and stack it. Stacking two Lifetime Deal licenses will give lifetime access to 20 users.

If the LTD allows, you can continue to buy and stack licenses as much as you need.

Hence, ensure that the SaaS Lifetime Deal allows stacking before you purchase.

5. 60Day Refund Guarantee

Sometimes it may take a while to figure out how well a SaaS Tool fits your business process.

The SaaS Tool can still do the tasks as promised and deliver the work. However, the SaaS Tool may be imperfect for your operations. Or it may lack the flexibility you’re looking for in a SaaS Tool.

In such cases, you can always request a refund with the SaaS Marketplace.

SaaS Marketplaces like SaaS Mantra follow a 60day refund policy.

It is enough period to try the Tool and decide whether you want a refund or not.

Where Can You Get Lifetime SaaS Deals?

SaaS Lifetime Deals are a rare occurrence for any particular SaaS Tool.

But there are plenty of SaaS Tools that you can use in your business. And most of them will be available on Lifetime Deals from time to time in SaaS Marketplaces.

By keeping an eye on SaaS Marketplaces or being active in SaaS Community, you can immediately get access to SaaS Lifetime Deals.

You may even subscribe to the SaaS Mantra newsletter or follow SaaS Mantra Social Media to keep an eye on new SaaS Lifetime Deals.


When it comes to SaaS Tools, lifetime deals are a great way to cut down on recurring expenses.

But that is only the immediate benefit of buying Lifetime SaaS Deals. The advantages of SaaS Lifetime Deals with low cost make LTDs an excellent solution for every business expecting a high ROI.

So, when looking for a SaaS Tool, look for a Lifetime Deal first.

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