How to Request for Verification on Instagram for Your Small Business?

It is cool to have a verified account badge on Instagram.

You show your audience that you’re THE legit business profile.

Table of Contents:

  1. What does Verified Account Mean on Instagram for Your Business?
  2. How to Request for Verification on Instagram Business Account?
  3. When can You Verify your Instagram Account?
  4. Conclusion

A badge could mean more than an “official account” to your audience.

At the heart of branding, you have to build trust in your audience of potential customers.

So how does a badge help your Instagram business account?

What does Verified Account Mean on Instagram for Your Business?

A verified account means that someone at Instagram—at Meta—has verified that you are the authentic person/account representing the business.

Authenticity is key to building trust in your audience.

Instagram verification for brands works in two ways.

One, it helps your audience identify that you are the authentic profile. And you cannot be confused with any other unrelated or parody account.

On the flip side, it helps when you reach new people through your Instagram marketing.

Your brand may not immediately interest the users seeing your brand for the first time. They may quickly scroll past your post. And it happens a lot.

It is where the verified account badge changes the context.

Though good content gets your audience’s attention, the attention rarely shifts to your profile or your brand name.

A verified badge helps you pull that attention towards your brand name.

In a way, it acts as social proof for your business.

How to Request for Verification on Instagram Business Account?

You can request verification from your Instagram account.

Steps to Request Verified Badge on Instagram:

  • Log in to your Instagram Business Account
  • Open your profile
  • Click ‘Menu’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Account’
  • Click ‘Request Verification’

To consider your profile for verification, Instagram requires you to satisfy two conditions.

Verified Instagram Account Requirements

1. You need to confirm your Authenticity:

To confirm your Authenticity, you need to enter your full name and upload a copy of any required official documents.

You can choose from a list of document types. For Instagram business accounts, you may need to upload a copy of Articles of Incorporation.

It will ensure you are the authentic person to claim this account for your business.

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2. You need to confirm your Notability:

Instagram needs you to confirm your Notability to show that the brand your account represents is in the public interest.

To confirm Notability, you need to choose a category and a Country/Region for your business.

You can also mention your audience, aliases, and other relevant links to support your request. However, they are not essential to submit a request.

Once you fill in all the required fields and upload the relevant documents, submit your request for verification.

While this is clear, you still may have other questions regarding the Instagram verification for brands.

When can You Verify Your Instagram Account?

Facebook says your Instagram account is eligible for verification only if the account is complete.

For an account to be complete,

  • It needs to be public.
  • It must have a profile picture.
  • It must have a Bio.
  • It must have at least one post.

And more importantly, your account must not contain links to your other social media services.

But then there is one final question.

“How many followers to verify your Instagram account?”

There is no ‘minimum followers’ factor to be eligible for ‘blue tick’. At least, Facebook or Instagram has not mentioned anything about it.


Instagram verified account badge helps. But there are no definite steps to guarantee one.

Plan your long-term Instagram marketing strategy. Build your brand awareness among a wider audience, even brand mentions in recognized media outside the platform.

It will build the trust factor of your brand over a period. You’ll have a higher probability of getting one.

From then on, you can scale up your Instagram marketing and increase your followers count exponentially.

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