Boost Your Post Reach Using the Algorithm of Social Media Platforms

There’s an algorithm working in the background for every post you publish on any social media platform.

This algorithm of social media, backed by data, decides the reach of your social media posts.

Table of Contents:

  1. Understand the Algorithm of Social Media
  2. How do Algorithms Work in Social Media?
  3. Ways to Boost Content Reach Using Social Media Algorithm
  4. Conclusion

But this enigmatic algorithm is in a forever cycle of learning and evolving.

And Digital Marketers have to keep up with it or be left behind.

You can use the social media algorithm to your advantage if done right. You may even unlock massive reach and engagement potential.

What’s the “if done right”?

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Understand the Algorithm of Social Media:

You post something, and it appears on the feed of your followers in the (reverse) chronological order. i.e., the latest post first.

As simple as that—that’s all the algorithm had to do. But that was years ago.

Today, the algorithm of social media platforms takes on much more than that, with relevancy at their focus.

The posts on every user’s feed are prioritized based on relevancy by default. Although, most social media platforms allow their users to change their preference for post recency.

Before you can use this information to your advantage, there are two things to understand.

How does an algorithm know which post is more relevant? And why does it do that?

How do Algorithms Work in Social Media?

The sooner Social Media platforms realized that engagement is the social currency, they shifted their approach.

It helped them provide more value to their users instead of feeding everything to every user.

For example, say you follow John Mayer on Facebook. Facebook knows that John Mayer page posts will be of your interest and can be worthy of your time.

But if you are in Singapore and some of their posts are about John Mayer touring the Ohio countryside, it is not on the same relevance scale. And you are less likely to engage with such content than someone from Ohio or West Virginia.

As a result, Facebook will probably prioritize content that’s more relevant to you over this one.

Giving users the most relevant content gives them a better experience on the platform. More importantly, it increases the engagement rate of your posts.

It is a win-win-win.

Now that’s clear, how can you get the best out of these social media algorithms?

Ways to Boost Content Reach Using Social Media Algorithm:

You can boost content reach and your post engagement by making and distributing your content that aligns with the algorithm of social media.

Here are the things that help you do that.

Focus on Engagement:

Likes, Comments, Shares, Replies. These are the social currency.

Engagement feeds engagement. It is the only way any post has ever gone viral.

Social media algorithms will promote your content organically if it proves to be engaging.

Make Use of Video Content:

Video content is one of the most engaging content types. Make video content a regular part of your social media content calendar.

It does not necessarily have to be long-form well-produced content. Even a short 30-second clip can boost your engagement rate.

Use Relevant Hashtags:

Hashtags are probably the best way to reach a new audience who has never heard about your business.

Hashtags drive the “trending” on social media. And it helps you target a specific topic that may go viral in the future.

However, overusing hashtags may turn out to be counter-productive. Only use relevant hashtags, and limit it to 3-4 hashtags.

Initiate Engagement with Tags:

Engagements do not always have to happen on their own.

You can trigger engagement on your social media posts by tagging people or mentioning them in your comments.

Be sure that you are not randomly tagging people. And always offer some value to them.

Use ‘Tag Someone’ Posts:

‘Tag Someone’ posts are an effective way to reach a new audience in your followers’ network.

A ‘Tag Someone’ post can be any post. Although, they are most effective in Brand promotion with #GiveAways.

Still, it is wise to use such posts sparingly.

Keep a Content Calendar:

It is not an accident that the accounts that post consistently have a better reach and engagement than the inconsistent ones.

Keeping a content calendar and keeping up with your content calendar will put you in the lead for the social media algorithm. And you are more likely to reach a wider audience by posting consistently.

Time Your Posts Right:

Timing your social media posts to the high traffic times can help increase your post engagement.

Even though it is not working with the algorithm, it gives you an initial boost on engagement.

Make hay while the sun shines.


There are no hacks to give you incredible reach or engagement.

And at the rate social media platforms are updating their algorithm, you are unlikely to discover one. Although, over the years, we have seen that engagement feeds engagement. And consistency gets you there.

What else can help increase your social media reach and engagement? Share your thoughts.

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