Thanksgiving Ideas

Creative Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas For Your Business

The ‘Golden Quarter’, is upon us, and now is the perfect time to boost your customer retention strategies by making a special deal, offering a giveaway, or updating your strategy to keep you interesting and visible Thanksgiving just around the corner.

Thanksgiving Marketing Campaign

We’ll start with the basic infographics with the best time to post, the best topics, the ideal campaign start for each holiday, and the most relevant topics. Let’s get started.

Frequency of Holiday related posts

Thanksgiving Social Media Post

Best topics for thanksgiving campaign

To get your creative juices going, check out this series of topics if you need some inspiration for your Thanksgiving marketing campaigns.

Thanksgiving Ideas

Merry tools and Social media activation ideas for the product marketing teams

This the season to be creative and give your audience a reason to talk about your brand. To drive interaction and make new users fall in love with your brand, We have a list of hand-picked tools and social media activation ideas that will make marketers’ lives easier when planning holiday campaigns. 

1. Use Stories to capture First-Party Data

Thanksgiving is the ideal time to engage the users on social media and there’s no better way than Instagram stories to speed up that interaction. 

You can post quizzes, mems, live polls, and lots of different user-generated content. All these campaigns are real-time and help you get to be there with your audience at the moment.

In a scenario where people pay attention only for a short time, telling interesting and dynamic stories within seconds becomes vital for the businesses.

Website Story

Source : Story Widget

Stories are not only meant for Social Media, but you can create them on your website too. With the Story widget, You can keep your visitors informed about what’s new with you. Your new product launches, end-of-the-sale offers, and amazing discounts! 

P.S.: Don’t forget to mention that you are grateful to your wonderful audience. And they’re amazing indeed, aren’t they?

2. Engage Users with Thanksgiving Conversations on Social Media

The ‘Share a Coke’ campaign by Coca-Cola was a raging success because it helped to ignite a conversation on Thanksgiving. The campaign was on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and became a frequent topic of conversation at dinner parties and social media in general.

The campaign was simple. Coca-Cola would print names and personalized messages on cans and bottles of their soft drink as per the customer’s request. They then suggested that the customers can use them as place cards at dinner tables. 

Coca-Cola Thanksgiving campaign

Source : Coca-Cola

Customers bought cans that had the guests’ names on them as well as little hilarious or sentimental messages and then placed them at the dinner table to mark the spots where the guest was meant to sit. Lots of people got talking about it and it gave the Coca-Cola brand a huge boost in popularity.

P.S.: Only find a way to get consumers to talk about your brand by customizing it for their actual use and remember to include rewards to drive the campaign.

3. Thank you gift

What about boosting your engagement with an attractive Thanksgiving campaign?

Leveraging the seasonal period to its advantage, tip-top doggy publication, BarkPost, launched a Thanksgiving email marketing campaign to engage its audience, grow its subscriber base and drive people towards its monthly dog treat delivery service, BarkBox.

theme-reveal Archives - BarkPost

Source: barkpost

The brand enjoyed a positive level of interaction by sending out a savvy, timed email filled with holiday-themed animations and videos, feeding safety tips, and niche, doggy-centric holiday survival tactics that pushed customers to connect with the content of the publication as well as its related subscription service.

P.S.: Innovative seasonal initiatives like this Thanksgiving email campaign can be attributed to a great deal of the brand’s success.

4. Schedule your Post like Pro

Sales Automation Tool

Source : Saleshub

So you went over the top to create this amazing, out of this world content. And now it’s going to become viral. Except you forget to schedule it. With saleshub, you can strategically plan and schedule your content. It takes seconds. You can then enjoy a cup of hot cocoa while seeing everything at a glance across all your pages.  

P.S.:Thanksgiving should be celebrated every day!, Riiight.

5. Set smart goals and track ROI

Track Competitor Technology, Techtracker

Source : Techtracker

So before you go into overdrive, you can unlock the user insights of your competitors, from demographics to the industry they fall under with Techtracker. It will make your life easier and your manager happier.

P.S.: Don’t forget to track and adjust along the way if needed.

6. Enable Effortless Collaboration

Project Management Tools

Source: Workiom

We all need some sort of approval. Even when we say we don’t because “we trust each other”. As a general rule, our industry has to internalize that review and approval are important. They are not about control. Nor are they about a lack of trust.

Sure, forgiveness is perhaps one of the greatest presents that you give to yourself during the holiday season. But we’re pretty sure that your audience will not forget that typo. Shockingly (not), we suggest you try Workiom out. It’s not an add-on, it’s not a feature, it’s a full tool designed solely for the sake of a seamless collaboration platform to manage all business data and teams.

Examples of successful social media campaigns

We’ve also compiled a bunch of incredible Thanksgiving advertisement campaigns from different brands to draw inspiration from the last minute.

Thanksgiving advertisements can be a great way to make consumers think of your brand next time they’re out shopping, so let’s make sure they’re memorable.

Stove Top. The Artisanal Hipster Pilgrim

Stove Top wanted to enjoy stuffing for a whole season between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Which brand would not want their product to be sold for a longer period of time? This is the idea behind “the season of stuffing”.

Stove Top Thanksgiving campaign featuring The Artisanal Hipster Pilgrim


The idea that eating stuffing only on Thanksgiving is so mainstream and coming up with a hipster character to revolt against it is brilliant. The advertisement featuring the Artisanal Hipster Pilgrim made a lot of people laugh… and eat Stove Top all Stuffing Season long.

Stove Top’s Campaign earned a Shorty Award nomination for marketing humor and more than 4.7million video views on Facebook and a total of 49,839,865 organic views.

Subversive – REI

In 2016, REI, adopted a radical approach to its Thanksgiving marketing. REI shut down its retail outlets, distribution centers, and headquarters rather than engage in the mire of the Black Friday rush, allowing its workers the chance to go outside and enjoy a day of fresh air rather than work-and it invited its consumer-based audience to join them.

Black Friday Deals

Source: Opt-outside

The campaign helped the brand establish itself as an innovator in the industry while inspiring its stakeholders to allow them to take part in something unforgettable, collaborative, and, worthwhile.

REI has followed through on its brand mission with this forward-thinking and creating a massive buzz with its catchy hashtag, #OptOutside.


“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” –Simon Sinek

All seek to show the power of an efficient digital marketing strategy for Thanksgiving. You stand to produce amazing results by honing in on your target demographic, playing to your strengths, finding new innovative angles, and tapping into the emotionally-driven essence of the situation, and a little humor really helps.

That’s all folks!

P.S.:If you want super helpful tools for the other upcoming holidays too,Check out our lifetime saas deals that contains everything you need to create perfect campaigns for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas & New Year’s Eve. 

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