Thanksgiving Day 2021

Simple Thanksgiving Ideas to Reward Employees

After a year riddled with bad news, we all deserve a little cheer and appreciation. There’s really no better time to reward the employees for their hard work, with the holiday season on the horizon.

“27% of Employees are less motivated around Christmas than at any other time of year”

While adhering to the current guidelines, there are also other ways to motivate the employees. Most of which can be achieved from the comfort of your own home. So here are the best ways to reward your workers in 2020, without further ado.

1. Promote Flexible Working

“Happy employees are known to work harder and be more productive

The holiday season is the ideal time for us to highlight the benefits of remote work (main marketing strategy). Many people wish they weren’t trapped in the office during the holiday season or would like to tailor their own hours at the very least. You can help them reduce the stress that the festive season often creates and enable them to balance their work and personal lives by allowing your employees to work flexibly.

Set up a holiday business plan appealing to those who want more flexibility and provides them with insight into the world of working remotely.

2. Offer your Employees Incentives

In December, staying motivated is a challenge for some. One way to improve motivation is to deliver a hefty sales bonus, something that goes farther than what you can usually have.

According to Reba, 28 percent of UK workers stated that they stop taking on new tasks before the Christmas season.

Gift vouchers and gift cards make great incentives at Christmas time as employees can spend these on things such as extra food and drink for the festive period or treat themselves to something nice.

“Gift Cards allow employees to pick their own gifts according to their preference”

If you do offer gift vouchers and gift cards to your workers, ensure that you have considered the demographics of your employees so that you give them something that appeals to them.

3. Show your appreciation to your employees

Thanksgiving Day is the perfect time to remind one another of the many reasons there are to be grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving To Employees

Show your appreciation to your employees by saying thank you for their hard work and contributions throughout the year. Receiving recognition at a potentially stressful time of the year can improve employee motivation and productivity.

4. Have some fun

Thanksgiving Celebration

Work shouldn’t just be about work, having some fun can help improve employee engagement and team spirit, and that is especially true at the festive season. In the run-up, get into the festive spirit and encourage your workers to have a bit of fun. 

Some ideas include:

  • Office decoration
  • Organizing team lunches, whether to go out or have a treat provided
  • Setting some friendly competitions

5. Support your employees

If employees have deadlines to meet or are working hard to reach their deadlines at the end of the year, offer them the help they need. consider what they need from you and find a happy medium between fun and support.

Thanksgiving Reward Employees

Employees may feel a lot of pressure juggling work and family demands and providing the support they need to achieve their goals will improve their motivation and productivity.

6. Offer tools to your Employees

There is a reason the words “Thank you” are among the first niceties, we as human beings, teach our children. Showing appreciation strengthens bonds and increases positive feelings.

The simplest way to thank your employees is to help them work easier by offering freedom from limited free/demo versions of tools.

What better time than the onset of this joyous season to make the most of the finest Thanksgiving software sale.

But do keep in mind that these SaaS Lifetime deals are available for a very limited period only. So, grab the exact solution for your business that you might be eyeing for a while!

SaaS Tools for Businesses 

1. Task management




You might have tried a number of task management apps, communication, collaboration apps for managing your business & clients’ projects.

And, you mostly end up looking for ‘another’ app to customize to suit your needs. You can solve this by creating an app tailored to your business requirements.

Workiom is a no-code cloud collaboration platform to manage all business data and teams. Workiom brings collaboration to new heights to help you stay on top of your work and achieve business goals faster in this festive season.

2. Human resource management


Small, medium, or large, a business needs the best people to do its job. For this purpose, businesses can consider using trending HR software solution known as BambooHR. This software works on an advanced stripped-down mechanism and offers capabilities like personnel data modules, tracking, and advanced reporting that make it an ideal choice for growing businesses. With BambooHR, businesses can add new job openings, share them across popular job boards, and manage applications as they arrive. All in all, this is a great tool to work with if you are looking forward to hire talented employees.

3. Server Management


Managing the servers, Protecting the website & applications from intruders, Automatic backups, and a lot of other tech jargon.


Source :Bunnyshell

All you need is a single dashboard from where we can manage the entire tech operations, which includes but not limited to handling the servers, installing & moving apps, protecting them, scaling-up, etc. With powerful automation features like load balancing, auto scaling, fine-tuning, Bunnyshell ensures that your website/application can handle any amount of traffic.

4. Lead Generation


Source :Techtracker

As an entrepreneur, you have to wear one too many hats to grow your business. Generating targeted leads should not be one of them. How about you receiving instant alerts when a prospect installs a new tool or technology on their website? TechTracker constantly tracks when new businesses install a product you wanna track, and pulls the details of those businesses for you.

5. Sales Automation


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-5.png

Source: Saleshub

This is 2020. You cannot send cold emails all the time & pray the Sales-God to help you. Saleshub is an all-in-one Sales Automation platform to laser target your outreach & automate your LinkedIn connections on the go. All You need to do is collect the details of those who are interested in your offers (products, services, special discounts, etc.) and build relationships with them. All this without even needing them to register or subscribe to you!

We believe a lot of unique SaaS tools have been thrown at you, and there are certainly more. Now, not all of these tools would work for your specific situation, but learning about them gives you the confidence to apply them when appropriate. So, keep updated, and be sure to check the tools that your organization will use the most.

7. Look forward

Start 2021 on the forward foot and pre-empt – and perhaps even stop, those January blues by looking ahead to what the organization and the team want to achieve in the New Year.

Treats and perks can keep staff motivated in the run-up to Christmas and now is a good time for organizations in all industries, and of all sizes, to review their end of year recognition and rewards and employee benefits to ensure their workforce is happy and motivated in the run-up to Christmas and into 2021.


Remember, Expressing Gratitude Pays Off

Irrespective of the size and kind of the reward, giving itself has a high apparent worth. Rewards are highly correlated with employee motivation and in turn employee efficiency.

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