Why is Lead Scoring Important for Your Sales Team?

Lead Scoring is a widely followed technique that marketers use for Lead Prioritization.

While the marketing and sales funnel gives you a direction, things like lead scoring can give you clarity on what to do next.

It is a great way to prioritize leads and move them through your sales pipeline faster.

How does it work? And why should every sales team care?

What is Lead Scoring?

Lead Scoring is a Lead prioritization technique that you can use to sort and rank leads by assigning scores to each Lead. You can assign scores to each based on their actions and other criteria.

This helps sales teams understand which leads are most likely to convert into customers.

Lead scoring is often used in conjunction with other techniques such as content marketing.

Importance of Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring is an important part of any Marketing Automation platform because it allows Sales to quickly identify which leads are ready to be converted into opportunities.

Salespeople who have access to this information will know exactly where they need to focus their efforts.

The more time spent on high-quality leads, the better chance of converting those leads into qualified opportunities.

Why Should Every Sales Team Care About Lead Scoring?

Helps Identify Qualified Leads Faster

Every Lead in a Sales Funnel goes through two important checkpoints that make them an opportunity to convert.

At first, they are screened and filtered to become a Market Qualified Lead by the marketing team.

Then the Sales team nurtures them to become Sales Qualified Leads.

However, not all Leads become Marketing Qualified Leads or Sales Qualified Leads.

And qualifying them by assessing each Lead on various qualifying factors is a sophisticated and time-consuming process.

Lead Scoring helps you identify Sales Qualified Leads and Marketing Qualified Leads.

If you’re using a CRM system, you have access to all the data necessary to score your leads and qualify them faster.

Enables Timely Follow-Up

Prompt and timely follow-ups give a great customer experience and leave a lasting brand impression.

However, a survey reveals that businesses lose 70% of their Leads and Sales because of poor follow-up practices.

Lead Scoring based on the buy-intent of your Leads help you identify Leads who are likely to convert with timely follow-ups.

You can quantify and assess the buy-intent of your Leads based on one of the two categories of Lead Scoring Metrics—Implicit Scoring.

Final Word

Lead Scoring is the best way to prioritize your Leads and nurture them towards becoming Opportunities.

It also helps you identify Leads who are ready to convert into paying customers.

You may also use a SaaS tool to automate Lead Scoring in your sales process and boost your conversion rate.

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