4 Powerful Lead Conversion Best Practices with Lead Magnets

All leads are equal, but some leads are more equal than others.

Lead magnets, when done right, can pull hundreds of leads for you in a short time.

But it does not tell them which lead you should prioritize and pursue first.

In the hundreds of leads, some are ready to convert and only need a nudge. And many other leads with little effort than the rest.

But how can you segment your leads for quick conversion?

Table of Contents

    1. Importance of Lead Magnets in Content Marketing

How to Create Lead Magnets?

  1. Effective Lead Conversion Best Practices with Lead Magnets
    1. Create a Simple Lead Capture Page
    2. Create an Engaging Lead Magnet
    3. Setup Email Notifications and Reminders
    4. Convert and Optimize with Lead Magnet Analytics
  2. Conclusion
What are Lead Magnets?

A lead magnet is a valuable resource offered to a potential customers in exchange for their contact information. The contact information is usually their name and email address.

Importance of Lead Magnets in Content Marketing

Lead magnets are more than just a way to build your email list.

It provides value to your potential customers before they even become one.

Moreover, lead magnets help to build good customer relationships from stage 0. Lead magnets make them an active participant in developing the customer relationship by encouraging user action.

How to Create Lead Magnets?

Once you decide the content you want to offer, you can create your lead magnet quickly.

Your lead magnet can be anything from an e-book, a case study, a workbook, and more. Many lead magnet ideas have proven to be effective for lead generation.

The PDF file format is one of the most common, effective, and easy-to-create lead magnet formats.

You can use the Adobe Acrobat editor or an editor of your choice to create the lead magnet.

Lately, digital marketers prefer lead magnets on the cloud for their effectiveness and flexibility.

Effective Lead Conversion Best Practices with Lead Magnets

Knowing which leads to pursue; when to do it makes all the difference in successful lead conversion.

These insights are impossible to get if you’re following the traditional lead magnet distribution channel.

However, there are lead magnet creators and tools that you can use to get these insights.

Here are the 4-step Best Practices for effective lead conversion with lead magnets using such tools.

1. Create a Simple Lead Capture page:

Your lead magnet landing page, or lead capture page, is the first response to leads who show interest.

Your lead capture page not only needs to sustain that interest, but it also needs to build it.

Tips to optimize your lead capture page:

  • Keep your landing page simple
  • Use minimal visual elements
  • Ask only for essential information

A customized, specific landing can help keep your lead interested and get you their contact information.

2. Create an Engaging Lead Magnet

Content is important. And how you present it is at least half-important.

A lead magnet full of text can bore your audience. Your leads may not read it entirely and turn cold.

Adding different forms of content like images, infographics, lists, and tables to your text will keep it interesting.

Another way to make your lead magnet much more engaging is by embedding video to your lead magnets.

It increases the engagement rate for your lead magnet.

Lead magnet creation and hosting tools allow embedding videos in your lead magnets.

Lead magnets that are interactive and engaging help keep your leads hot and primed for conversion.

3. Setup Email Notifications & Reminders

Despite an engaging lead magnet, some leads may choose to read it later. And not everyone comes back again.

And when that happens, your leads turn cold, affecting your conversion rate and sales.

Sending an email reminder to your cold leads to complete reading can nudge them in the right direction.

But the only challenge is in finding out which leads have turned cold.

Lead magnet creator and management tools like OpenRead.io gives you such valuable insights.

It allows you to send automatic email reminders to your leads to complete reading the lead magnet.

4. Convert and Optimize with Lead Magnet Analytics

Is lead magnet analytics even a thing?

There may not be a widely accepted term, but it is changing the game for digital marketers.

Lead magnet analytics gives you insights into which leads have shown the most interest.

For example, which leads have completed reading your lead magnet in one sitting, and which leads have opened the lead magnet multiple times.

You can consider them well-primed hot leads. Pursuing these leads first can help you convert quickly.

Also, with the lead magnet analytics over a period for multiple lead magnets, you can figure out what works and what doesn’t for your target audience.

You can use this information to A/B test and optimize your lead magnets and your overall marketing strategy.

You’ll be able to create and deliver more targeted and conversion-focused lead magnets every time.


Gone are the days when lead magnets were a channel to build an email list.

Lead magnet creation and management tools like OpenRead.io are the answer to ‘How to Generate Quality Leads.’

They help you prioritize and pursue sales-qualified leads when they most want it.

However, such growth-focused tools may cost you a good amount of money from your marketing budget.

Check out this OpenRead.io Lifetime Deal to save on subscriptions while getting more out of your lead magnets and drive conversion.

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