How to Quickly Identify Sales Qualified Leads and Sell Better?

Most marketers struggle with their conversion rate because they don’t have clear goals or measurable benchmarks for success.

The process can be confusing and time-consuming.

They often create elaborate systems only to discover that they didn’t take into account the nuances of each customer.

In other words, they fell short in identifying Sales Qualified Leads.

What is a Sales Qualified Lead?

A Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) is a potential customer assessed and qualified by the sales team to approach and close a sale.

How to Identify Sales Qualified Leads?

Before you can convert a Lead into a paying customer, they need to become a Sales Qualified Lead.

Sales Qualified Leads are identified from the list of Market Qualified Leads.

Market Qualified Leads (MQL) is constantly monitored and assessed by the sales team. After an MQL meets certain conditions, they are categorized as a Sales Qualified Lead and passed on to the final stage in the Sales Funnel.

Sales teams use the Lead Scoring techniques to qualify a Marketing Qualified Lead as a Sales Qualified Lead.

Lead scoring is a lead prioritization technique that helps to identify leads that are most likely to become paying customers.

It’s an efficient way to identify prospects using different qualifying factors that aligns with your business goals.

Lead Scoring Factors to Identify Sales Qualified leads:

B2B Lead scoring factors

  • Title (or) Job Role.
  • Purchase Authority.
  • Budget.
  • Location (if it is a factor).
  • The engagement level of the Lead.
  • Past Purchases.
  • Fit between your offer and their need.

These are some of the most common Lead scoring factors used to identify Sales Qualified Leads.

However, you may also choose any other factor that fits your qualification criteria.

Lead Scoring factors differ from business to business. B2B will require different Lead Scoring factors than a B2C.

Optimize Your Lead Scoring Process

You may add Negative Lead Scoring factors in your Lead Scoring process. It may help you optimize your Lead Scoring process better.

For example, an MQL unsubscribing from your Newsletter will earn a negative score. It will effectively move them down below the other Leads with a better score.

Since you are scoring your Leads based on their behavior and other measurable factors, it helps you identify your SQL.

It will allow your sales team to focus on Leads that convert and meet their sales target.

Moreover, when you score your Leads, your sales team can better understand the intent of the SQL.

It will help them write an effective sales pitch to close more sales quickly.


Identifying Sales Qualified Leads is one of the best ways to improve your conversion rates.

It allows you to prioritize your Leads based on how interested they are and how likely they are to convert.

But to identify Sales Qualified Leads, create a well-defined Sales Funnel for your Sales Team.

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