Easy Steps to Re-engage Your Cold Leads to Get Positive Responses

Even the best lead nurturing campaigns cannot convert every single Lead.

Over a period, you will have a handful of cold leads on your mailing list.

So how can you re-engage your cold leads without affecting your ongoing Lead nurturing campaign?

What is a Cold Lead?

A cold Lead is a potential customer who showed interest in your business in the past, with no engagement or responses to your recent emails.

Here are the steps to re-engage your cold leads and get a positive response.

Steps to Re-engage Your Cold Leads

Email marketing automation tools play a significant role in re-engaging your cold Leads.

You can get positive responses from your cold Leads using simple steps.

Here’s how.

steps to re-engage cold leads

1. Segment Your Lead List

Email segmentation using email marketing automation tools allow you to send specific and personalized Lead-nurturing emails.

You can use the same segmentation feature to segment your cold leads from the rest of the Leads in your mailing list.

Once you segment cold leads from the engaging ones, you can develop a dedicated nurturing strategy to engage them.

Tip: Segment cold leads from campaigns having above-average engagement or response rates.

Otherwise, you may need to work on your lead nurturing strategy rather than trying to re-engage with the cold leads.

2. Initiate a Drip Campaign

Drip campaigns are an excellent way to engage and guide your Leads to make the purchase decision.

One of the reasons they have a better success rate is because they are specific.

It makes your email content relevant: one of the many benefits of a drip-email campaign.

For your cold leads: curate a custom drip campaign that triggers engagement. It can be as simple as making your cold leads open your email with a powerful subject line.

For example, “See what changed for while you were away” will sound more relevant than a regular nurturing email. And it can earn you the engagement you expect from your cold Leads.

You may also send automated follow-up emails to your cold leads who didn’t engage with your first drip email.

On the other hand, you can continue to send a series of nurturing emails to those that engaged or performed an action.

3. Trigger Action with Incentives

Incentives are positive reinforcements that result in the desired action.

You may have a great subject line to make your leads open your email.

However, if you’re still sending regular information-rich emails, your Leads may turn cold again. It also means that you risk losing your Leads forever.

But when you reward your cold leads who respond positively, you can sustain their interest.

It can be a short-term free trial or a limited period discount. It creates a FOMO in your cold leads giving you a better chance to engage with them.

With such engagements, you can nurture your cold leads to become prospects eventually.

Final Word

Cold leads are an untapped potential that most businesses are missing out on.

They have already shown interest in your business in the past. And are also aware of your brand.

It means you can still make a customer out of your cold leads with a successful email marketing campaign.

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