3 Reliable Sales Benefits of Drip Marketing with Email Automation

Whenever the sales decline or the transactions drop, every business contemplates one scary idea.

Should you make offers that cut your margin to increase sales?

It is a gutsy call that works sometimes. And when it doesn’t work, you are back to square one, with no new ideas on the table.

Ever since drip marketing came into practice, businesses now have better control over their sales numbers.

What is Drip Email Marketing?

Drip marketing is a way to send super-specific marketing emails at regular intervals triggered by your audience’s action. It allows you to gradually guide every individual down the sales funnel that results in successful transactions.

Can drip email marketing automation help your business sell better?

Here are the 3 benefits of Drip Email Marketing

Drip Email Marketing benefits

1. Makes Your Content Relevant

Drip email campaigns make marketing emails relevant to your audience since user-initiated events trigger them.

Guessing which content works does not help in email marketing, since they are direct messages. And your email marketing is good as dead if you don’t catch the pulse of your audience.

However, all your marketing emails will have a context with drip marketing. It could be because the lead added a product to their cart, or signed up for an upcoming event. It could be any action taken by the individual.

Sending drip campaign emails around this action makes your content relevant to them.

2. Boosts Engagement & Brand Awareness

User engagement and brand awareness are key factors in closing a sale.

It makes your audience receptive, and trust your brand.

Since drip marketing emails are super-specific and have a relevant context to your audience, they are more likely to open your emails.

And with the right and engaging email content, encourages your Leads to positive engagement. It could be a click on the link in your email or a positive email reply.

Since drip campaigns send emails at regular intervals, it helps build brand awareness over a period.

Tip: Offering value-rich and solution-oriented content in your marketing emails will also help increase brand awareness and build trust.

3. Increases Brand Loyalty

It is an impossible task to build brand loyalty in a short period.

Yet, drip email campaigns help you earn it over an optimal period.

Your customer’s brand loyalty increases when they know that you’re with them through the entire journey, not just until making a sale.

You can increase brand loyalty by initiating a post-sale drip email campaign.

For example, you may send a series of drip emails explaining how they can get the most out of the product they purchased from you. It could be about the community that uses your products/services.

Your audience will notice your brand when your drip emails are, though short, timely, and exactly what they want.

Final Word

Drip email marketing automation helps you connect with your leads and customers and convert them into loyal buyers.

It gives you the ability to write highly targeted emails based on user actions, which also makes them want to engage.

If you think these benefits could help your business or you need to grow your business, email marketing automation is your way to go.

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