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How to See Who Visits your Website: A Complete Guide

If you can understand your traffic and gain more value from people who are already visiting, your team will instantly become more efficient.


Because they know where to concentrate on their efforts.

Did you know that only 2.35% of the people who visit your website are going to convert?

But, Can you See Who Visits your website?

No… (Still You Can Come Close)

Although, there are various technical solutions that pretend to show you the exact identity of your website visitors.

That’s a fantasy.

In fact, there is no reliable way of identifying and contacting each anonymous visitor of your B2C or B2B site.

Track Anonymous Visitor

If we had a system in place to get that information, think about the value of that information.

Would the folks who sell visitor software devote their time to prospecting? Or would they go home and have champagne?

There are ways for you to look at who is visiting your website. However, it will not be a list of each anonymous visitor, what they did, and their contact information.

But if you have got a website running and doing well to attract people to your website. 

Well, Why you need to identify people that visit your website. Why does that matter, you might wonder?

Why do you need to Identify Who Visits your Website?

The Biggest reason to identify who visits your website is that you can take advantage of providing your visitors with personalized content.

What if you already have great content on your website, why do you need to be concerned about personalized content?

A couple of reasons, actually. Along with increasing your opening rates and click-through rates, custom content helps you increase your conversion rates.

However, Without knowing exactly who is visiting your site, there is uncertainty regarding your target audience. And, most likely, you will be missing out on incredible leads and opportunities because you simply don’t know about them.

But now, let’s not miss those leads. Ensure that you have the right tools in place to identify your website visitors.

That all said is fine and done, But knowing how many people come to your website is not enough.

You also must be able to target precisely who is visiting your website and what they hope to gain from your website, your content, and your products and services. 

Once you can do that, you will be in a much better position to deliver exactly what your customers want and watch your conversion rates start climbing.

Get Ready, Let’s dive in to  Know Exactly who wants your Products & Services.

What is Website Visitor Tracking?

There’s no mystery behind the person who visits your website.

Of course, you can check on the google analytics dashboard. But, don’t you want to know who they really are, where they work, and most importantly, whether they’re a potential lead you’re supposed to follow up with?

Exact Visitor makes it possible.

Exact Visitor Software

Source: Exact Visitor

The software used to reveal information about the people visiting your website that isn’t easily available in analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics.

You’re able to view company names and contact information for key people at the company, the number of visitors, employee range, and their engagement rate on your website.

That, in turn, gives you the fuel you need to generate and convert more high-quality leads.

How does the website visitor tracking tool work?

So, how exactly does the website visitor tracking tool find the names of companies browsing your website?

Alert: You don’t need to be tech-savvy to understand.

Usually, a javascript returns an IP address, and that’s all (how other tools are doing it). 

But, what if someone works from home, Airports, Starbucks, or Hotel? Then how to track them. Would that even be possible to solve?

Yes, Exact Visitor did it without going directly into IP but create a device id for visitors and match that together with the IP to correlate the real visitor and identify them.

So the basic is when you have a visitor, we return the IP and Device ID and return the real visitor to you.

How Visitor Tracking Technique Drives Growth?

Exact Visitor has a different approach to its data. It has a data cooperative with other vendors that grow our IP and Device IDs from email opens and more. 

By doing so, will help to grow your data in segments where other visitor tracking platforms will be static. 

Typically visitor tracking software buys into a master database of IPs to Domain names, and that is how they handle their data, which is purchased from the ISP’s. The issue with this is, Medium-sized and small companies rarely get tracked.

With ExactVisitor, you can realize that this could be mean for companies to lose a significant number of opportunities.

By having a different approach, you can track a higher number of mid-sized companies and SMB’s, which is 95% of all companies in the world that fall under that segment. 

Secondly, if Dell visits your website, you are clueless about who to reach out to? If you are focused on the Marketing team, which of the 2,000+ employees do you email?

This is where identity tracking comes into mind. Knowing that it was Christina that you need to contact, make your sales process 10X faster.

How your Business can Generate Leads

Generate Leads For Business

It’s common for a business to hit a brick wall when it comes to leads. 

When wondering how to generate leads in new ways. There are a couple of proven methods—some of which you may not have thought of—that you can use to increase the flow of leads into your business.

1. Referrals

Referrals, where you get one of the best business leads, for a few reasons. One thing is certain., the lead is already qualified for you by the person referring.

78% of B2B sales companies say that referrals generate leads of good or excellent quality.

And another advantage is that they’re easy to acquire than through other channels, both in terms of money and in terms of time.

2. Social media

 Social media is a puzzle for many B2B brands. However, You can turn your social media accounts into goldmines for driving new leads – if you have the right strategy.

Start to turn the mess of memes and random thoughts into something that has an impact on your sales process? How do you even get noticed?

It’s true generating tons of leads is good, but it means nothing if none convert.

But what you should realize is that it’s not about getting tons of followers or going viral, it’s about using it as another way to find and connect with leads.

3. Content, SEO, and a great landing page

All you need more than a website. You need a landing page with great content and SEO strategies. 

Spend time creating quality content that will interest your potential customers, and use best SEO practices to provide them with a roadmap, To position yourself for success here.

Well, creating a great website is all about helping the potential client with the information they will find useful, and then providing a way for them to find you through search engines.

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4. Use software to improve lead generation

A good lead generation software is important not only because it results in more prospects, but also because it makes the prospecting process easier by ensuring you’re getting quality leads in the first place.

One way to improve the effectiveness of any new strategy you undertake is to integrate with other software. 

Get the right data directly into the tools you already use by providing uniform, seamless data across your sales, marketing, and analytics teams.

The Pros of using website tracking software

Website tracking software is a useful tool in highlighting how users are interacting with your data. Not only does it allow you to understand how well your website is performing, but it provides insightful data about your visitors. 

You can use this data to your advantage when it comes to future marketing decisions, tailoring your B2B approach to give your customers exactly what they want.

Website Visitor Tracking Software

Here are some benefits:

1. Know your visitors

You can identify the geographical information of your website visitors using their IP address. By discovering where your visitors are located, you can target the appropriate areas. Exact Visitor can help you identify who the company is and where it is based.

Take a look at your customers’ digital engagement and behavior on social media. This then gives you the visibility of which marketing channels you should be utilizing to find your next customer.

2. Track where traffic is coming from

This will help you determine where it is best to invest your marketing time and budget. Exact Visitor provides you with detailed insights and then you can create targeted campaigns around this information. 

3. Know exactly what your customers are looking for

Marketers have a tough job. They’re expected to know exactly what website visitors want without ever having met them. With only 3% in contact, it doesn’t seem like most marketers are having much success either.

So, If you’re struggling to keep up with who you want to campaign and the lead nurturing journey. It’s time to consider Exact Visitor, where you can get a system that does it all for you.

4. See where you are losing customers

When a customer visits one page and then leaves without taking any further action or viewing other pages is called Bounce rate.

This can be easily split down by times of the day. So that you can clearly see which pages they viewed and the time they were there. 

Use Exact Visitor to improve your website user journey and help leads move further through their buying journey before getting in touch with them.

5. Find out how to optimize your website

To update your site, see which device and browser are being used.

This gives you valuable data that can be taken into account when redesigning the website.

Alternatively, you can use Exact Visitor, This will give you an idea of the most profitable web journey, allowing how to optimize your website for future visitors.

6. Reach out to the right person at the right time

Real-time insight on who is visiting your website provides your business multiple benefits. 

Firstly, Revealing the identity of visitors helps marketers and sales teams generate warm leads that are already engaged with their business.

Secondly, real-time notifications provide the advantage of timing — not only know a visitor is interested in your business, but you also know they are thinking about it right at that moment. 

This can help your business get in front of potential clients before your competitors do, simplifying their buyer journey and helping them to reassure that they are at the right brand to work with.

7. Enhance customer experience

Customer experience is pivotal to success — and if you work in a competitive industry, it can be the factor that makes you stand out from the crowd. 

With Exact Visitor in place, not only you gain an understanding of your audience, but also of your website’s overall performance. 

Discover what your visitors are looking at, for how long, and at what point they decide to leave your website. This way, you can make changes to your site to ensure the best user experience for your visitors. 

Boost Customer Experience

8. Gain customer insight

Tracking your website visitors enables you to get inside the heads of people interested in your business and discover exactly what they are looking for. 

What do your visitors have in common? Are they all from the same industry or sector? Are they a similar demographic? Knowing who is interested in your product or service can help fuel your business decisions going forward. 

And, with Exact Visitor, you can access user journeys, see the content that interests your visitors and ensure everything you create resonates with them.


Interested in more benefits? See what else you can do to turn your website into a profit engine. Better yet, why not learn how you can generate new business with Exact Visitor?

But, Tracking website visitors isn’t easy. You’re definitely not going to get their email addresses automatically.

But, To start with—get more out of what you’re currently doing. 

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