What Makes Email Marketing Automation Important for Your Business?

No digital marketer will look for any marketing channel over email marketing.

It is one of the most efficient marketing channels with the highest ROI.

Businesses often find email marketing becoming less efficient as they scale up and their mailing list grows.

It may lead to a misconception that email marketing may not be as efficient as it appears.

It is one of the main reasons to adopt email marketing automation in your business.

What is Email Marketing Automation?

Email marketing automation is an automated process where you can send emails to your customers or prospects. You can schedule it at regular intervals; based on trigger events for every individual on your mailing list.

You can also automate repetitive tasks like sending welcome emails, follow-up emails after a sale, etc.

1. Email List Segmentation

The first thing that makes email marketing automation important is segmenting your list.

Email marketing automation tools allow you to create a highly segmented email list. You can use the segmented list to send specific, even personalized, marketing emails to your Leads and customers.

In contrast to unsegmented generic marketing emails, specific and personalized emails increase the open rate of your marketing emails.

Most email marketing automation tools will use CRM data to segment your mailing list to target Leads with personalized emails.

2. Increased Email Engagement

Email marketing automation tools allow you to send timely emails to all your leads and customers.

Keeping a segmented mailing list based on user behavior and interests makes it even more effective. And if you have a long mailing list, it is a next to impossible task.

It saves you from tracking each Lead and customer behavior to time your email right.

Writing an engaging email copy for each trigger event allows you to send automated engaging emails. It makes all your marketing emails relevant to each subscriber.

Your subscribers have already opened your emails. They’re just waiting for you to engage them further.

Sending relevant emails maximizes the open rate of your emails and the engagement rate on a large scale.

Importance of Email Marketing Automation

3. Convert Leads into Customers

Lead conversion is the ultimate goal of every marketing email. When you convert Leads into customers, you grow your revenue and profit.

Converting Leads into customers is a manual and tedious process. It is because all it takes is a glance for your Leads to decide whether to buy or not.

But email marketing automation tools help you every step of the way.

Email marketing automation allows you to nurture your leads and turn them into customers. It helps by creating a nurturing email sequence that nurtures your Leads through various stages until they become buyers.

4. Increased Efficiency

Email marketing automation tools save you time and money.

They allow you to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously. It means you don’t need teams—only a one-person team.

You can use the automation tool to create an automated email marketing workflow for each campaign. The program also gives you access to all your Lead and customer data to create a customized email campaign workflow.

Once you create the workflow, it is a matter of monitoring and managing your email marketing campaigns since every task is automated.

It saves you valuable time and energy. In turn, the efficiency of all your email marketing campaigns.


Email marketing and automation are the most effective combination for any growth-inclined business.

While email marketing is generating the highest ROI, automation helps you scale it. And after a brief period of adaptation, it also lets you sustain the efficiency in large numbers.

Instead of spending your time on manual tasks, you can allocate it to writing focused sales emails that easily engage and quickly converts.

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