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5 Quick Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign + Bonus

All the best email marketing campaigns will have three things in common.

They go the extra mile, pay attention to minor details, and look for improvement at every turn.

Here are 5 quick tips to make your email marketing successful, with a bonus tip.

1. Avoid Talking about Yourself

Your reader wants to know how you can benefit them.

Talking about your (brand’s) reputation could isolate them. You lose the precious opportunity of making a connection with your reader.

Connections build customer relationships. It makes your brand memorable and earns their trust.

Always talk about your reader and their problem.

Except for your signature, make it all about your reader.

2. Time Your Email Right

Always expect your cold email campaign to return a low email marketing-open rate.

Timing your sales email can warm your prospects with a relevant context.

It can be any recent or upcoming trigger event. It could be about a recent industry-related event, a recent promotion, or when the company achieved a milestone. It could be anything.

Timing your sales email gives you the context to write your email subject line.

3. Follow-up With More Value

From your email list, a few may respond positively.

Many others may not show interest at all—i.e., unopened emails.

Follow-up emails can change this narrative for your email marketing campaign.

For example, increased its email response rate from 1% to 12.6% by sending email follow-ups regularly.

But an empty follow-up email is no good than having no follow-up emails.

Offer something your audience wants every single time.

4. A/B Test Your Sales Email

Getting everything right with your sales email the first time is nearly impossible.

Even if you get it right the first time, how can you sustain it?

A/B testing your sales email is key to finding out what works and doesn’t in your email marketing campaign.

From the subject line to your signature, A/B test your sales email for every section. Try out two entirely different email copies, if necessary, to identify the most effective sales email.

There are no other shortcuts to consistent email marketing success.

5. Follow The Metrics

Ultimately, metrics tell you whether your efforts are bearing fruit or not.

There are several KPIs to assess your email marketing campaign progress.

Email Marketing Key Performance Indicators:

  • Email-Open Rate,
  • Reply Rate,
  • Positive Reply Rate,
  • Click-to-open-rate (COTR),
  • Objection Rate, and
  • Unsubscribe rate.

For example, if your email open rate is low, yet the COTR is high, you know your subject line needs more attention rather than reworking the entire email marketing content.

Keeping an eye on these Key Performance Indicators takes you a long way in your email marketing campaigns.

Bonus Tip: Get Sales Optimized

The ultimate goal of any email marketing campaign is to convert.

Even if it is only a lead nurturing email campaign, you need your Leads to act.

Finally, sales optimize your marketing and sales emails to boost your lead conversion.

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