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Convert Visitors Into Leads with Google Analytics [10 B2B Strategies]

So you’ve gotten enough website traffic. Great!

But not all your visitors are going to convert as leads, The data says 98% of first-time visitors won’t convert.

Now what?

You’ve to take efforts and use the opportunity to nurture them until they are ready to buy.

Here comes Google Analytics to help you on this, If you use Google Analytics casually to poke around data and leave with a vague idea of what’s going on your website, I’ll assist you to know how to convert your visitors into convertible leads with the help of Google Analytics. Yeah, you can do that!

Google Analytics can answer all these questions:

1. How are visitors finding your website in the first place?

2. Are visitors doing what you expect them to do once they land on your website?

4. How many visitors are returning?

3. What percentage of visitors are completing a goal?

5. How long visitors stay and how their journey on your website looks like

6. Who is converting? First time visitor or returning visitor?

1. Create Custom Visitor Segments

Start getting a solid idea about your visitors with Google Analytics audience data and run successful remarketing campaigns.

Navigate to the Audience Interests Overview in Google Analytics

Classify visitors by various demographic data, such as age, gender, and location

Custom segment them by demographic data and their interest. This allows you to further refine the behaviour of certain types of users.

2. Start Setting up Your Business Goals

It’s important for every business to understand how well their website is meeting the objective.

Set up the desired actions that you want your visitors should take as a Goal

Track their interaction with your website, including form submissions, product purchases, and more.

Get the data of which type of audience are converting like New/returning, based on demographics and interest.

This way you know where you have to concentrate when it comes to conversion.

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3. Examine the buyer’s journey

It’s important to know how users interact with your website. Every interaction helps you understand their buying journey and to identify the problem areas.

Use behaviour flows feature in Google Analytics to visualize the path of visitors travelling from one page to the next.

This report gives you an overview of individual pages.

It shows how people arrive at the website (landing page) and where they go from there (interactions) as well as exit (drop-off) points.

4. Track Your Social Media Audience

Google Analytics is the best way to learn how visitors from social media perform on your website

Google Analytics allows you to view eight social analytics reports which include ROI, Traffic from each channel & social media campaign performance.

You can analyze which type of content your audience is engaging in and which social networks perform well.

The overall report assists you to better understand your social media audience and gives you clear data for campaign planning.

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5. Take a Deeper Look at Top Conversion Path

If you want to know what made your visitors buy, the Top conversion path report helps you here.

With the help of this report, who can identify how many times’ visitor interact through each channel before converting.

It also displays every unique conversion, Number of conversion from each channel and the conversion value.

See how the majority of conversions taking place and which type of audience are converting more.

6. Time to Personalize your website

You know that returning visitors are interested in your service but something is stopping them to take action. Google Analytics lets you know the percentage of returning visitors, where your returning visitors are coming from and how many times they visited. But they may haven’t received a strong reason to become your customer.

So, Rephrase your message for the returning visitors, Try contextual CTAs & Showcase your customer success stories which should convince them to hit your objective.

7. Use High Converting Website Elements

You’re spending a lot of money to manage your website but having a normal website not going to attract your visitors. Make profitable changes on top-performing pages on your website with the Google Analytics data that increase the conversion data.

So, I listed out some high converting elements your website should have:

1. Seamless navigation paths

2. Responsiveness

3. Live Chats

4. Testimonials & Reviews

5. Convertible CTA buttons

6. Selling Point.

8. Run LinkedIn Retargeting Ads

As you know LinkedIn gives you a chance to connect with the right audience for your business needs. And Google Analytics gives you the report of your returning visitors. But what if you could convert them with LinkedIn retargeting ads?

Website retargeting on LinkedIn let you create an audience list who visited your website before

Once you create your audience, it will start building by matching LinkedIn members that meet the selected criteria. Now you can set up a campaign for this audience and nurture them to convert.

9. Facebook Ads Won’t Fail You

You know the power of Facebook ads, But how to effectively run that ad with help of Google Analytics?

Google Analytics gives you these insights, Audience demographics, Visitor engagement data and audience interest

You could use this data while planning and launching the ads. Also, target a similar kind of audience.

By doing this your ads reach the right audience who has more chances to become your paying customers.

10. Optimize! Optimize! Optimize!

Yes, keep on auditing your website performance in Google Analytics and implement your marketing strategy to pull your visitors into the conversion funnel.

-Keep an eye on bounce rate

-Identify the better serving content

-Discover sources of traffic

-Check both top-performing and not performing pages

-Analyze new potential markets

-Top searched keywords


After this, you won’t see Google Analytics the same way you did before.  Leverage your marketing strategies and remember that 98% of visitors I told you about? Yes, try converting them into leads from today and maximize the conversions.

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