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What Makes Personalized Video Marketing Boost Lead Conversion?

Choosing Your Personalized Video Marketing Tool

More than 46% of people spend 7+ hours every week watching videos online, shows a survey.

Any marketer overlooking the power of video marketing will be overlooked. But it is only the tip of the iceberg.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why are Videos Important in Marketing?
  2. How to Choose a Personalized Video Marketing Software?
    1. Inbuilt Video Editor
    2. Video Hosting Options
    3. Integration with Other Business Tools
    4. Customized Call-To-Action
    5. Personalized Marketing Analytics
  3. How Much Do Personalized Video Marketing Tools Cost?

Personalized video marketing is a gold mine for Digital Marketers looking for lead conversion.

Here’s how you can increase your conversion rate using personalized video marketing.

Why are Videos Important in Marketing?

A novice digital marketer may ask why use videos in marketing when they cost so much.

Video marketing by itself is a powerful way to reach your leads and prospects.

Videos connect with your audience and trigger their pain points more effectively than any other content format.

88% of marketers say they get a good ROI from video marketing.

That’s how important is video marketing. And with personalized video marketing, you can step up your digital marketing game.

What is a Personalized Video?

A personalized video can be any video that gives each of your audience a unique video experience.

The customized video can be based on their information, their relationship with your brand, and their preferences.

For example, you could send a simple Thanksgiving greeting video personalized with their names and a message to your customers and prospects.

It makes your audience feel valued, helps you to connect with them better, and makes your brand memorable.

Step Up with Personalized Video Marketing

Personalized video marketing may look a bit more sophisticated than the other types of personalized marketing.

Most digital marketers and entrepreneurs know personalized email marketing like the back of their hands.
But it’s not the same case with personalized video marketing.

You need to design a video template specific to the campaign. Plug the user data into the video template to make the customized video. And you have to do it for ‘n’ number of leads.

Fortunately, there are several personalized video marketing software that automates this process.

They let you create customized videos as per your needs.

However, with a growing number of options, it is not an easy choice.

How to Choose a Personalized Video Marketing Software?

It can be a challenge to choose from several personalized video marketing software.

Especially if you are a small business or a Start-up, you cannot afford to try them all on a trial-and-error basis.

Here are a few things that you should note to pick a personalized video marketing software that suits your business best.

Notable Features of Personalized Video Marketing Software:

You do not need a feature-rich video personalization tool.

However, some features are essential. These will get the best out of your video marketing campaign and keep your job easier in the long term.

1. Inbuilt Video Editor

Undeniably the most essential feature in any personalized video marketing tool.

It allows you to edit, customize, and personalize your video in one place. It saves you from all the guesswork about what your personalized video might look like, which is usually the case while working with independent editors.

2. Video Hosting Options

Each of the personalized videos isn’t always rendered beforehand.

It helps to minimize load and keep your page responsive.

However, the source video needs to be stored somewhere. Relying on a single host may cause trouble if there is a technical glitch.

It is good to have personalized video marketing software that lets you host your video. And it is better if it also supports sourcing your video from a third-party service like Amazon S3.

3. Integration with Other Business Tools

Software integration allows for automation in your personalized video marketing campaigns.

It could be integrating with your choice of CRM for user data, or an email marketing tool to reach out to your audience.

Check whether your choice of personalized video marketing tool gives you the flexibility to integrate with other tools.

4. Customized Call-To-Action

Call-to-Action allows for conversion.

In-video CTA is effective in making conversions. It makes a sizable difference in your conversion rate.

Moreover, CTA personalization gives you more control over your campaign.

Go for a Personalized video marketing tool that lets you add user-specific compelling in-video CTAs.

5. Personalized Marketing Analytics

Analytics is an integral part of any marketing campaign.

Personalized marketing statistics can give you a complete picture to strategize and optimize your campaigns.

It is crucial to have analytics in your personalized video marketing tool itself. Though API integrations can do the same, in-app analytics can keep your work process simple and effective.

While these are some essential features to look for in a personalized video marketing software, there is one final deal-breaker.

How Much Do Personalized Video Marketing Tools Cost?

Personalized video marketing tools are available almost exclusively on a subscription basis.

The subscription prices range from $99 per month to $500 and more per month.

Your choice of personalized video marketing software must be budget-friendly. And it should continue to do so even with budget tightening year after year.

It can be challenging if it becomes too expensive in the long term.

It is the same if it limits your personalized video marketing efforts. It is because, after a while, the tool becomes an integral part of your work process.

Alternatively, you may look for a lifetime deal on personalized video marketing software.

You can buy the tool once at a discount and use it forever.

It saves you subscription costs and gives a high return on investment.

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