How Soleadify Generates 200k Organic Leads Per Month

Florin worked as a product manager at one of Europe’s largest publishers of mobile apps, where he learned a lot about marketing, growth, a / b testing, and so on.

What’s next?

He started his first venture Soleadify as a founder.

When he started in the digital agency, his job was prospecting for possible clients, trying to find the obvious issues that could help with. 

It was in his mind that the job was easy to automate, but no tool was available.

So he thought of finding a quick solution to automate it for all agencies.

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It was only in 2018, Florin developed Soleadify by teaming up with his friends to tackle a problem faced by customers that were not solved by existing tech solutions for prospecting tasks.

Fast forward two years, Soleadify reached 43+M business profiles in 600+ niches across 1100+ technologies.

How did he do it?

This post explains…

So take a seat, grab a coffee, and strap yourself into knowing the insights of SaaS Product lifetime deal study.

Growth Lever 1: Laser-Focus Your Targeting

This is hands down the most reliable, and sustainable strategy for building an automated campaign.

And how did florin leverage this?

He just set himself an ambitious goal. To reach the businesses that need services the most – from companies that use Shopify, to local businesses that use old versions of WordPress, or SMBs with unoptimized websites.

Source: Soleadify

But then he realized that they needed a lot more data to be able to reach out properly like what the company does, where they are based, who you need to talk to, etc. 

In his own words

“We have realized that we can help not only organizations but also SaaS firms, lead generation agencies, sales consultants, etc., that we can assist by bringing all the company’s data together.”

LEARNING: SaaS businesses can start on the side, but to grow – they need full-time attention from their founders.

Growth Lever 2: Find your Target market

The goal with the LifeTimeDeal wasn’t to get money or traction. It was to understand what people are expecting from their product and how they can be better than any other product out there. 

Source: Soleadify

He had revenue coming in by consulting businesses but for the SaaS products, their first customers came from the promotion on SaaS Mantra.

In Florin’s own words,

For anyone this early on, this is so important because it is so difficult to get it otherwise.

LEARNING: Why would someone work for your SaaS over Salesforce or HubSpot?

Growth Lever 3: Growth Strategy

It wasn’t necessarily just the target audience that Florin built that has been responsible for Soleadify’s growth, but it’s the fame, relationships, and PR value that Soleadify has worked so hard on that opened doors.

They were expecting a couple of hundred users. In reality, They got about 1500 signups and about 500 people buying the LTD.

Source: Soleadify

Some people would just sign up to the account, take a quick look at the product, and then they would write a personal message to him saying, “I’ve been using this kind of product for 10 years now. This is what is valuable and this is what you should fix. If you want, we can jump on a call and I can tell you about my experience.”

LEARNING: Find a database of prospects and hit them one after another until you’re over $50k MRR.

Growth Lever 4: Impact of SaaS mantra’s Strategy on Soleadify

It was great because in the very first year of a SaaS you kinda just build stuff in the dark. There are lots of horror stories about a big update that made people cancel their subscriptions.

Florin in his own words,

“With the SaaS Mantra community, It’s VERY compelling. Whenever we make a change we have 30 people who we ask for feedback, and we decide if we keep that update or not. They were really supportive. They are happy to test features before they are published and give us testimonials and case studies, as we are part of the SaaS Mantra Fam. These, especially for B2B, are really helpful.”

LEARNING: When you find a growth channel that works. Go HARD.

Growth Lever 5: Today’s Growth engine

Investors want to see long term users. They want to know how often people come back to their products. They can’t just base that on intuition. 

That’s where the community at LifeTimeDeal comes in. For about 8 months, they have all the numbers of individuals using it. Closing their seed round has been really beneficial.

Soleadify SaaS Mantra

Source: Soleadify

By now, Soleadify got about 500 organic visitors and 150 trial signups every month looking for the word Soleadify. And they’re getting around 200k leads, which is a very large amount.

LEARNING: Consider building a smooth customer experience improving onboarding flow for your SaaS….

Growth Lever 6: Why SaaS Mantra?

It’s very important to find a community with the right attitude. SaaS Mantra was really the only one that had all these ethics like a good background and people were helpful. 

They have been in these LTD communities for a long while. So they got a 365-degree view. They made the decision based on ethics and how good the atmosphere was.

SaaS Mantra was always there to help the launch of your products, not just to get a major discount. Because of the right attitude in the group, they have got such a good result.

Florin’s own words:

“I would suggest other SaaS founders really think about what you want with your product. And if you want to really build something over the long term, there is a lot to be gained from an LTD offered by SaaS Mantra. “

From a marketing perspective, SaaS Mantra doing everything else a business should do.

LEARNING: What are the skills or assets that you can build NOW that will lead to your SaaS company’s immaculate conception or next killer growth strategy?

Final words

SaaS Mantra, their products have played a big role in their growth, as has their marketing…

But it is the combination of the two that has made the greatest difference in their trajectory of success.

SaaS Mantra has created a new business model to power its lending platform, and it’s miles ahead of 99% of its competitors.

All you need to do now is to Subscribe with SaaS Mantra and know its lifetime software deals.


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