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Post Types That Get More Organic Social Media Followers

Increasing social media followers organically has always been a challenge.

And if you are a business, this challenge only grows bigger. 

Table of Contents:

  1. Get More Followers on Different Social Media
  2. Get More Followers on Facebook
  3. Get More Followers on Instagram
  4. Get More Twitter Followers
  5. Get More LinkedIn Followers
  6. Get More YouTube Subscribers
  7. The Bottom Line

On the other hand, the average time an adult spends on social media has become 95 Minutes per day and climbing.

You have a wider window to reach more audiences through your social media. 

But then you have the next immediate challenge. 

Which post types can get more social media followers for you?  

Is it text? Pictures? Videos? Polls?

Take a quick look for the most relevant post types on different social media to get more organic followers. Check out our new saas product launches

Get More Followers on Different Social Media: 

It is not a new knowledge that each social media has its primary content type. 

Pictures for Instagram, short text for Twitter, and videos for TikTok and YouTube.  

However, most of these social media channels are not limited to their primary content type alone.

Get More Followers on Facebook:

A magnet representing posts is seen pulling Facebook like and users icons on top of Facebook mobile app

Facebook is a good example.

In the beginning, Facebook only allowed text posts for its users. That was until July 2007.

But now you can post pretty much any type of content on Facebook—including video live streams and 360 view photos.

Facebook Relevant Post Types: Photos, Carousel, Videos, Polls, Facebook Live. 

Get More Followers on Instagram:

Instagram logo surrounded by a cloud of IG Like, Reels, Comment, and Profile icons

Instagram is a popular photo blogging social media platform. But you can still add text descriptions to each of your posts.

Moreover, you can also upload videos—Reels for Short videos, and IGTV for longer videos.

Instagram Relevant Post Types: Photos, Carousel, and Reels.  

Get More Twitter Followers:

Randomly placed Twitter bird icons with icons of buttons from Twitter

Twitter is probably the most real-time social media.

It is, indeed, a microblogging platform. Short and straight-to-the-point tweets make your posts easy to consume and highly engaging.

However, you can still post images, and videos, and create polls and threads to get more out of Twitter.

And if you have a shot at going viral and dramatically increasing your reach, it’s Twitter. And you don’t want to miss any action there for more organic followers.

Twitter Relevant Post Types: Tweets, Threads, Polls, Images, and Videos.

Get More LinkedIn Followers:

LinkedIn logo overlaid on anonymous user icon surrounded by tiny floating LinkedIn icons and user icons.

LinkedIn is one of a kind social media platform for professionals that’s popular.

It gives you exposure to quite authentic organic followers, compared to the other social media platforms. 

Like Facebook, LinkedIn also allows posting a wide range of content to reach your target audience. 

LinkedIn Relevant Post Types: Text Post, Photos, Carousel, Videos, LinkedIn Live, Polls. 

Get More YouTube Subscribers:

YouTube logo on the screen of a phone icon surrounded by Subscribe and Bell icons

YouTube took no time to become the world’s most popular and largest video platform.

It is obvious that the relevant content type is video. It can be less than a minute-long Shorts, or a longer video.

Did you know that you can upload a video file as big as 256GB or 12 hours long?

You can also post text, images, and GIFs to your YouTube Channel. And it also allows you to live stream videos and video premieres for a unique watch experience.

YouTube Relevant Post Type:Videos, YT Shorts, Images, GIFs.

The Bottom Line:

Catching your target audience’s pulse can be tricky. And it is something you can learn over time.

One thing you can be sure of is that your audience has been accustomed to different social media. Each with relevant content types that you can use to get your target audience’s attention.

Though it is not a one-shot solution to get more social media followers, it is a good starting point.

Choose the right post type, offer valuable content, and post consistently to keep your audience engaged.

You’ll see your followers grow in numbers.

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